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Fulfilling someone else’s idea of a good life is not living. When you recognize that you came into this world to follow your bliss, you will be FULLY ALIVE for the first time.

What are the dreams, visions and possibilities that capture your heart and mind? And what reasons are you using to keep your highest intentions (love, health, purpose, prosperity) from manifesting into your life?

Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to transcend fears and limits and access alignment, self-love and epic success!

How I can help you MASTER your life!

About My Journey

From where I stood 10 years ago, it seemed completely impossible for me to live a life of ease, self-love, abundance and joy. I had a raging binge eating disorder and a series of failed relationships and jobs.

I felt lost, broken and down-and-out.

Now I wake up with a deep sense of appreciation, inner connection and purpose. And I have created the most amazing life I could have ever imagined!

What changed?
Find out more about my journey.

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3 Blocks Keeping You From Manifesting Your Dream Home

I've done it again! I manifested yet another EPIC dream house that's just down the street from our beach bungalow. And it came about through some contrast. Soon after I returned from the recent Abraham-Hicks cruise, we got a 60 day notice to vacate.  We had a similar...

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New Year Manifesting Ceremony

So many people look forward to setting New Year’s resolutions, but few recognize that it’s actually how you end the year that matters more for achieving your goals. Preparation is key to every victory in life. {Tweet it!} When I began intentionally closing the year...

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Since taking the 21-Day Full of Ease course I’ve noticed being pulled more INTO life instead of just being blah.

I’ve been doing the 4-minute Ease Meditation when I first wake up in the morning and it helps me remember throughout the day that I can pause and re-center at anytime.

– Allison Sharpe

Lana’s MasterMind was so inspiring, insightful and transformational.

I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone who is committed to living large and manifesting without limitations.

– Carolyn Hirsig

Just 4 weeks after signing up for the Master Your Life Academy, I saw a tremendous shift in everything — work, energy, physical health, you name it.

Lana gives you the tools to work on yourself and improve your life, and a community with which to share your progress and ask for help! That’s priceless.

– Natalia Real

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