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Fulfilling someone else’s idea of a good life is not living! When you recognize that you came into this world to follow your bliss is when you will be FULLY ALIVE for the first time.

What are the dreams, visions and possibilities that capture your heart and mind?

What reasons are you using to keep your highest intentions (love, health, purpose, prosperity) from manifesting into your life?

Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to access alignment and step into passion, clarity and joy!

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Join Get Full of Yourself University to learn practical and powerful ways to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you truly want in your life.




Tap into the power of collective focus on your greatest visions to bring them to life. (Mastermind offered only to membership participants.)


Private Coaching

Work with Lana one-on-one to step in to unprecedented self-worth, self-love and clarity, and learn to live on purpose, in abundance and joy.

Learn more about Lana’s journey…

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Lana’s MasterMind was so inspiring, insightful and transformational. I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone who is committed to living large and manifesting without limitations.

 – Carolyn Hirsig

Three months after I started the MasterMind program I had overcome my fears and fulfilled my greatest dream of putting on a sold-out one-man show!

 – Doyle Smiens

Since seeing Lana for couples coaching, our relationship has deepened and allowed for so much more love, intimacy and understanding. This has been priceless as we welcome our first child into the world! Lana’s gifts are incredibly powerful and she is truly tapped into her purpose in this work.

 – Angela Henrix

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