Achieve Success. Surrender Stress. 

Take your life from frazzled to flowing in just 21 days!


Ready to Manifest A Life Of Ease?

Achieve success. Surrender stress.

Right Now Your Days Look Like This…

You’re aware and spiritual. You’ve tried some meditating and gratitude journaling.

You know that by shifting your mindset you can make a huge impact on your life and feel more easeful, joyous, satisfied and in the flow.

But every day just seems to fill up with tasks and problems.

Somehow this whole idea of living in ease seems like a pipe dream.

You may have the best intentions to wake up, and do a gratitude list before you even get out of bed…and then it happens.

Almost unconsciously, you reach for your phone.

You don’t WANT to scroll through Facebook or check emails before you even know what the weather’s like outside,


“Just five minutes” you tell yourself.

Then 20 minutes tick by, now you're rushing to get ready for the day and you feel that pang in the pit of your stomach.

Because now you don't feel centered, clear, inspired or at ease. You already feel stressed and it's only an hour after you woke up!

Isn't it time you your day with intention, love and gratitude and let your day unfold with grace?

Are You Ready To…

Wake up with a clear mind and a grateful heart?

And have a day where you don't lose your cool when someone cuts you in line or work gets crazy.

Know that everything is always working out for you?

Find the silver lining in every situation. Like the parking ticket reminding you to slow down so worse things don’t happen.

Create more ease and flow in your work and personal life?

A negative friend can't phase you, you uplift them instead. Your love life is spicier than ever. Work projects flow.

If you responded with a resounding “YES!”, then you will love the 21-Day Ease Course.

“Through this course I've felt more INTO life instead of just being blah.

I'm not as stressed about the direction of my business. I'm taking small actions daily and it's helping tremendously!

I've been doing the practices when I first wake up in the morning and it helps me remember that I can pause and re-center at anytime.”

This course is not time-consuming yet super effective .”

– Allison Sharpe

“It happened again. Mind was racing, got projects coming out of my ears, events to confirm… feeling overwhelm and no time.

And there it was. Lana's ease meditation. God bless you Lana!!

It took 4 minutes and I tuned myself right back to feeling ease and appreciation. Enough to get through my day without getting any more grey hairs.

Now I'm in charge of my mind and life!”

– Seema Sodha

“Wow, Lana, you have no idea how much doing the practices daily has helped me!

Now my days have such an amazing start. There’s so much growth and so many amazing manifestations in my life… It’ll take me forever to write about it!

I recommend this course to every person who wants a more easeful and fulfilling life!”

– Mor Leibovich

A 21-Day Habit-Changing Journey

I used to believe that I needed to meditate at least 20 minutes a day in order to not go crazy or feel anxious and frustrated throughout the day.

And though it would be lovely to have that much time to align each day, I realized that life doesn’t always give you 20-minutes to do so.  As a mother of twins, I began practicing mini-meditations throughout the day and was amazed at the powerful way they shifted how I felt!

So I’ve created this course specifically to help you shift your emotional state in under 10 minutes a day. The daily practices won’t take you more than 5-10 minutes and you will see a huge impact in your life.

Life can feel busy at times. Imagine having the same deadlines, pressures, roles and responsibilities that you currently have, but feeling like there is no weight on your shoulders.

Your life is going to change as a result of this course. Forever.

Here’s Your Day After You Start This Course

Imagine this.

You wake up and then reach for your phone. Except today, you’re not scrolling through Facebook… you’re clicking on today's meditation.

After the mediation you do the recommended manifestation practice and feel enlivened and fulfilled.  

Your day is just starting and you already feel grounded, clear and excited for what magic will show up today.

You put your phone down and continue to get ready for your day feeling unhurried, hopeful and playful.

The sense of overall well-being, warmth and love carries on into your day.

At night you go to sleep smiling at the amazing things that happened and excited for what's to come tomorrow!

Ready to Manifest A Life Of Ease?

Start today – just one payment of $97!

I just wanted to let you know that only after the first few days of the Ease Course I have never felt more blissful and in the flow!

I have been the typical type A personality for as long as I can remember! I still have 100 million things going on – kids, marriage, work, university studies, my desire to be a fit yummy mummy, renovations, book writing… you name it – but the stress and worry just isn’t there any more.

I am now a better mother (not shouting as much), a calmer wife (not bitter) and I have fallen more in love with my life. Oh, and I quit sugar too and I haven’t missed it one bit. Thank you! You rock!!

– Melissa Matulka

How This Course Will Improve Your Life:

Daily Transformational Tools

A simple and comprehensive online program that will help you uplevel in your life.

(So you finally really feel like the stress in your life is optional, while achieving your intentions is not.)

Powerful Manifesting Exercises

Every week you'll see a new manifesting exercise to move toward the life you want.

(You have dreams you want to achieve, right?)

Downloadable Meditations & videos

You’ll receive 3 short meditations and 2 immersive visualizations that foster self-worth and ease.

(It will relieve stress better than a glass of wine, promise!)

A Daily Dose of Lana Love

Uplifting messages straight from my heart to yours, reminding you to take some time for yourself, focus on your priorities and re-align.

(It’s like we’re hanging out together every day!)

But there is more…

Limited-Time Bonuses


BONUS 1 > Downloadable Self-Love Visualization

Get one of my most popular visualizations on Self-Love! It will help you step into greater self-understanding, appreciation and self-worth, and amplify your manifesting powers.

Because self-love is the necessary foundation for everything GOOD in your life!


BONUS 2 > 3 Breathing Techniques for Instant Ease

Did you know that by regulating your breath you can regulate your emotions? Learn 3 simple breath hacks to instantly:

  • stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stressed
  • get more energy, clarity and inspiration
  • balance your mind and step into receptive mode

With this video training bonus, ease is always just a few breaths away!


BONUS 3 > Ease Masterclass Recording

Enjoy a live call replay where Lana:

  • gives an introduction of how to live life by design
  • explains what it means to ‘Stop. Drop. Realign'
  • leads a centering meditation and shares how to set intentions
  • dives into next level practices from each week of the Ease Course
  • previews visioning and mindset techniques from the Master Your Life Academy
  • answers questions and discusses manifesting practices with call participants

Ready To Manifest A Life of Ease?

Start today – it's just $97!
(less than $5/day)

Get Tangible Results

Hundreds of people have done the 21-Day Ease Course.

They signed up is because they were tired of struggling through life. There had to be a better way.

But that’s not the reason they loved the course.

They loved the tangible results they saw like:

  • Lowering blood pressure and improving health and fitness markers
  • More money coming in more effortlessly and through new avenues
  • Manifesting miracles and synchronicities like winning contests or getting gifts
  • Making hard decisions like changing jobs or ending relationships without crippling fear

And they buy it for their friends and family because they want others in their life to:

  • Feel much happier, less overwhelmed and more energized day-to-day
  • Finish tasks in less time because feeling more inspired, efficient and creative
  • Get healthier and more fit without struggle
  • Enjoy supportive, loving relationships that nourish the soul
  • Attract more amazing manifestations and feel worthy of receiving them

If you have felt frustrated in your life because you know it can be easier, here is your chance to do something about it.

NOW is the time to invest in your well-being!

The tools in this course gave me the perfect way to start my day off on a great foot!

They helped me to connect with the endless possibilities in my life and to embrace every challenge as the opportunity that it is! Thank you!

– Rose Keating

“The meditations are just wonderful! Listening to Lana's soothing voice and the relaxing music for just 4 minutes gives me the same benefit as other 15 min meditations.

My days are unfolding with ease and natural flow, and I am feeling the benefits exponentially as I continue to do the daily practices.”

– Paul Shand

“I love this course! The practices help me center and guarantee an amazing attitude for the day.

I have manifested a much more relaxed outlook on life and the realization that I am the creator of my life. My relationship with my kids is improving and I feel so much more inspired at work!”

– Scott Wellington

“The ease meditation gives me a feeling of warmth, comfort, love and positive vibes.

It's amazing how these daily morning practices can really set the tone for my day. They make all the difference in the world for how I feel in my life!”

– Shannon Shepherd