Manifest Your Dreams - Master Your Life!

I'm here to remind you that… YES, there is more to life!


You are meant to live a joyous life and fulfill your dreams!

Enough Waiting!

No one is going to give you permission.

You hold the KEY to achieving your dreams.

Improve Every Area Of Your Life


Would you like to spend money freely and experience abundance in all of its forms?

When you know how to deliberately align with prosperity, anything is possible!

Love + Relationships

Do you repeat frustrating patterns in your relationships and wonder if they could be more fulfilling and deeply satisfying?  

Learn to fall head over heels in love with you and watch the domino effect on all of your relationships!


Health + Body

What if you could learn from listening to the pain and discomfort in your body?

Listen to your body’s messages, access new levels of optimal fitness and tap into limitless vitality!


Self-Love + Worth

Do you know that feeling worthy and deserving is the foundation for everything good in your life? 

When you’re able to tap into feeling unconditional worthiness, you’ll unlock your fullest potential.


Career + Purpose

Can you quickly and easily identify patterns that are keeping you stuck? 

Learn how to see challenges as opportunities, experience breakthroughs and achieve limitless success with ease.

In the Master Your Life Academy, I’m giving you the tools for creating what you desire in every aspect of your life.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the transformation materials so you can uplevel at your perfect pace!

Get Amazing Results

Get in the driver's seat of your life

and be excited to go for one heck of a ride!

Find a new inner stability

that can’t be rocked by outside circumstances!

Manifest your biggest dreams

and then dream up even bigger visions!

Experience limitless happiness,

joy and ease on a daily basis!

Fall deeply in love with yourself

and see every relationship improve as a result!

Connect with an amazing community

that will be your support and upliftment posse!

And so much more!

This Could Be You!

Mandy Leonardo

This program is helping me discover so many new ways of aligning myself to the life I desire and manifesting my dreams.  

The level of excitement and sharing that happens in the Facebook group is incredible and keeps me inspired to do the work each and every day!

– Mandy Leonardo

Just 4 weeks after signing up for the Academy, I saw a tremendous shift in everything — work, energy, physical health, you name it.

Lana gives you the tools to work on yourself and improve your life, and a community with which to share your progress and ask for help! That’s priceless.

– Natalia Real

Natalia Real
Sheryll Hahn

Lana has created such a fun, powerful and interactive program – the shifts and transformations I’ve experienced are endless!  

I love all the wonderful tools that I’m now armed with to release the suffering that has plagued me in the past.

– Sheryll Hahn

How Does The Academy Work?

Part 1 Foundation Course

You’ll spend the first month in the Foundation Course. Think of it as a graduate-level manifesting bootcamp!

Each week you’ll get training materials to enhance your self-worth, clarity and power, to strengthen your visioning muscles and to develop a custom alignment practice.

Plus you’ll have 2 live support calls with me during in the Foundation Course to answer questions, receiving coaching and help you soar forward at lightening speed.

Expect to spend 2-3 hours per week for the course materials + practices during the Foundation Course.

Part 2 Master Courses 

After you’ve learned the building blocks of how to live by design in the Foundation Course, you’ll be ready to dive into the Master Courses!

Each Master course will teach you how to transfrom stuck patterns and limiting beliefs to make HUGE changes in a certain area of your life.

Plus each month we do a Master Course together in the group – you'll feel totally supported as you permanently shift your point of attraction and create a brand new reality!

The suggested time commitment for the monthly courses is 2-3 hours per month + 10-15 daily practice.

Experience the Foundation Course

WEEK 1 > Total Self Assessment

Awareness will always lead to change. Go deep within to figure out where you are, where you want to go and what are your true priorities in life. Then implement these changes!

  • Wheel of Life
  • Formative Life Experiences
  • Do & Don't
  • Core Intentions
  • Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Morning Practice

WEEK 2 > Getting in the Flow + Allowing

Learn how to step out of the problem mind and into the solution mind. Practice slowing down negative momentum and tuning in to your inner guidance. Watch how clarity and support flow and the path clears!

  • Meditation Overview
  • Breath Meditation
  • Fire Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Self-Worth Meditation

WEEK 3 > Envisioning a New You

Visualization literally changes your brain chemistry and how you perceive your life. Strengthen your imagination and become an expert molding and deliberately creating your future.

  • Visioning Overview
  • Parallel Reality
  • Creative Expression
  • Marry Yourself Ceremony
  • Morning Practice

WEEK 4 > Advanced Visioning Techniques

Add written and spoken visioning techniques to your toolbox. Experiment with different advanced visioning practices to create tangible shifts in your daily life and bring your dreams to reality!

  • Written Visioning
  • Spoken Visioning
  • Wheel of Life Revisted
  • Morning Practice

This Could Be You!

Aasiyah Ghazi

The Foundation Course showed me what I need to start implementing in my life so I can truly align with who and live it. 

I saw what my blocks were and learned how to work on releasing them.

Instantly I began transitioning into a more abundance and love filled life!

– Aasiyah Ghazi

Ferris Jay

The Foundation Course has been such an anchor for me during a challenging time. It helped me realize and express what is going on for me, even when it isn’t pretty.

The way that I’ve been learning to accept and love myself more fully is truly incredible.

I adore Lana and the joy and radiance she brings to her teachings!

-Ferris Jay

Melissaporter Schulze

The Foundation Course has literally rocked my world!

So many amazing things have come to me in the last four weeks that I’ve had to write them down every night to keep track.

I’ve pivoted my entire life into a much higher vibration! This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself – I’ve already returned the investment 10x!

– Melissa Porter Schulze

The Master Courses

The fun really starts after the Foundation Course.

Each month you will see a live Master Course that we do together in the Academy community. You can also access any other archived Master course anytime on your own.

After you’ve learned the building blocks of how to live by design in the Foundation Course, you’ll be ready to dive into the Master courses!

Each Master Course Includes:

Powerful Exercises

Each topic has a video and worksheet that will:

Help you understand why you haven't seen the results you want in this area

Give a detailed introduction for how to shift deep-rooted negative beliefs 

Present practices for clarity and breakthroughs on this topic

Teach proven techniques to bring to reality your specific desires and goals

Practical Challenges

A daily challenge practice to help you:

Share and celebrate how you took action and the results you saw

Stay inspired to do the transformational work in a fun and exciting way

Become a master at focusing on what you want (instead of what you don’t want)

Explore creative, innovative and fun ways to align and shine every day


Live Coaching Every Month

Monthly 60-min Facebook Live Q&A Call 

Discuss the monthly topic and do a guided meditation to dive even deeper

Ask questions, share successes, and receive direct support and coaching

Members can also submit questions beforehand and listen to the call recording

All previous recordings are available to provide more insight about each course

Guided Visualizations

Each Master Course has a downloadable visualization – over a dozen total!

Shift your point of attraction and effortlessly train your success mindset

Create a new reality that's a preview of what's to come

Allow new levels of support and ease in manifesting anything you desire

Download and enjoy the visualizations any time on any device


Exclusive Member’s Community

Engage in a private Facebook group with other members where you will:

Celebrate your successes and receive daily inspiration and encouragment

Share your challenges, ask questions, and get incredible support

Learn priceless lessons through other's experience and example

Enjoy frequent videos where Lana answers questions and shares her growth edges

Why Is Community So Important?

Ali Comment

Amanda Comment

Angela Comment

Helena Comment

Dori Comment

Janel Comment

Jennifer H Comment

Joanne Comment

Jennifer W Comment

Julia Comment

Karina Comment

Kasie Comment

Monika Comment

Nikki Comment

Rebekah Comment

Scott Comment

Tina Comment

Tova Comment

Tyonat Comment

Imagine having a global circle of brilliant deliberate creators to tap into 24/7!

I'm so proud that our community offers:

A supportive, noncompetitive, nurturing environment

Daily encouragement, inspiration and upliftment

A safe space to share successes and challenges

Open discussions that lead to breakthroughs and upleveling

And so much love, acceptance and understanding!

“A safe space to practice being more of myself.”
Helena Teply-Figman

“The place my authentic self was birthed.”
Kasie Uyeno

“The support and resources to help me be the person I want to be and create a life I love.”
Rebekah Millroy

This Could Be You!

Bridgid Ward

The biggest thing I’ve gained from the Academy is feeling empowered and having the ability to take any situation, even a bad one, and turn it around.

In one of the guided meditations, I had a very special moment with my father who transitioned. It’s like my senses have opened up and I feel more connected to everything in my life.

I now have so many wonderful tools at my disposal. And these success practices have become a habit, which is priceless!

– Brigid Ward

Through the Master Your Life Academy, I’ve manifested new friends, dinner invitations, gifts, new clients and more – without trying!

I feel a huge boost in my relationship with myself, like any bumpy edges got sanded away.

I never thought I would shift as much as I did. Everything is easier once I'm aligned. I feel so validated and worthy…. and it feels amazing!

– Danna Vincent

Danna Vincent
Emily Perron Sandagar

This program has been life-changing. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that I’ve manifested!  

I’m extremely grateful for the inspiring group of people in the program and for you, Lana!

Before, I had a hard time raising my vibration and I couldn’t control how I felt or what I experienced in life. But now I’m in charge!

– Emily Perron Sandager

Life Mastery At Your Fingertips

Part 1 Foundation Course > First Month

We begin with the foundational tools and practices to deliberately design and align your life.

This is the most intense part of the Master Your Life Academy.

The Foundation Course jumpstarts your manifesting metabolism and helps you understand how to create anything you desire in your life.

After the Foundation Course, you'll unlock access to ALL the Master Courses.

Plus, we will do a different LIVE Master Course together each month.

Part 2 Master Courses

Self Love

Self-Love Course

Finally let go of perfectionism and learn to feel safe and unconditionally loving within – become your own cheerleader and guru!


Abundance Course

Do a powerful 22-day process to release your unconscious prosperity blocks and line up with ever-growing abundance!


Ease Course

Redefine what it truly means to flow and be supported through life. Gain an unconditional sense of ease and trust!


Celebration Course

Break through keeping yourself small. Learn how to appreciate yourself and your life in a way that manifests more joy, satisfaction and blessings!

Money Course

Money Course

Turn into a money magnet and a wise money manager. Transform the way you look at wealth, turn on the abundance tap and make it rain!

Self Parenting

Self-Parenting Course

Transform deep-rooted beliefs from childhood, rewire your brain and create a greater feeling of security, trust and love in your life.

Health Body

Health & Body Course

Attune your mind and body to allow vital healing, vibrant health and effortless fitness to manifest as your physical reality.


Intimacy & Romance Course

Overcome fears of being unlovable and patterns of pushing others away. Finally feel safe to let a partner to see, love and support you fully.

Career & Purpose Course

Career & Purpose Course

Discover what your soul's mission in this lifetime. Give yourself permission to make an abundant living by expressing and sharing your gifts .

Upleveling Course

Upleveling Course

Break through upper limits and glass ceilings. Master riding the waves of expansion and contraction with grace, trust and ease.

This is the only course without pre-recorded videos. Instead, Lana does daily Facebook videos with advanced integration and manifestation techniques.

Vision Course

Vision Course

Every January we kick off the year with creating a master vision for the year ahead and doing a powerful process of aligning with this vision so it comes to life.

Harness the power of group energy and explode with inspired action that creates massive results!

Will YOU Be Our Next Success Story?


– Janel Cruz


– Tyona Vallejo


– Karina De La Cruz

What You’ll Receive In The Academy

Foundation Course With 2 Live Calls! 

Eleven Master Courses + Visualizations!

Q&A Calls Every Month!

Amazing Private Community! 

Exclusive Bonuses!

Lifetime access!

Master Your Life LIVE Event!

Come to the first ever Master Your Life LIVE 2-day event in Southern California in January, 2018.

Dive deep into the principles of manifestation mastery as you heal, reveal and uplevel!

Get your FREE ticket when you join MYLA and PAY IN FULL!

Enrollment Is Now Closed

Enter your name and email to join the waitlist and be the first to find out when the doors to the Academy are open again!

This Could Be You!

Janel Cruz

I did the free Manifest Miracles Challenge and it blew my mind! I really wanted to sign up for the Academy, but money had been tight. 

I listened to the meditation you gave us then met with my dad. He handed me THREE $100 bills to do whatever I want with – that has never ever happened!

So, I signed up for Academy of course!!!

Now the money manifestations keep coming, but more than that my marriage has improved and I feel like a whole new person!

– Janel Cruz

Chrissy Radeleff Follis

Since I started the Academy 2 months ago, I exercise almost daily, invest in self-care and prioritize my own needs.

The result? My business is the most consistent in years and my income has grown. Plus, I feel so much more freedom!

I now see the world through such a unique and empowering perspective.

I am so GRATEFUL to be on this journey within the safety of such a kind and loving community!

THANK YOU Lana for creating this amazing program!

– Chrissy Radeleff Follis

Annalicia Lynn

I was hesitant at first to join Lana’s Academy. Would it truly be worth the time and financial investment?

Three months in, I can tell you it’s worth every cent… and more! 

Lana oozes passion and genuine kindness. Her approach to living a more aligned and abundant life is simple and profound.

She’ll introduce you to extremely powerful practices that are easy to understand and don’t take a ton of time, but reap immense rewards. 

It’s truly a leading-edge program, that comes with an incredible tribe that I’m honored to be a part of!

– Annalicia Lynn

Still Not Sure ‘Manifesting’ Really Works?

I’ll prove it to you with this 2-min video and my personal story.

This is just a taste of the type of work we’ll do in the Program.

This exercise will only take 120 seconds yet will show you the true power of your mind.

Click Play and see what I mean…

That’s how powerful your mind is! Crazy, right?

I’m sure you can see now that if an exercise this simple has the power to transform your actions, the  program is going to be a wild ride.

It’s time to focus all this power on something that actually matters to you, like the money you want in your bank account or the happiness you want to feel every day in your relationships, your body, your entire life!

The Academy will help you expand what you believe is possible for you.

I lived this change.

From feeling lost and unworthy to empowered and invincible.

When I mastered myself, I mastered my life!

About Lana

These days, I can’t help but shout from the rooftops how awesome I am and how much I love my life!

But that wasn’t always the case…

I was born in communist Russia.

Our family of four occupied one room in a very gray world. We came to the US when I was 12 with very high hopes for the future. It was the immigrant dream.

So I worked my BUTT off to make things happen.

Through hard work I graduated at the top of my class at UC Berkeley in Economics.

Through hard work I got a killer high-paying corporate job. Through hard work I was making more money than I ever imagined and felt like I should be happy.

But I wasn’t happy. Hard work had gotten me a lot of shiny things, but it had engulfed in seemingly unchangeable sadness.

To the outside world, I HAD ARRIVED… but I hated everything about the life I’d created. I hated myself. I felt broken.

So I quit the ‘American Dream’ and went on a silent meditation retreat.

Experiencing true peace for the first time in my life during a 10-day silent meditation retreat, I actually thought about being a monk forever. But I wanted too much to drink life up to the very last drop.

Instead, I dove deep into learning how to live a happy life. Then things changed very quickly.

I entered into the most intense spiritual study. And I was transformed. I shifted so significantly that my life moved into a parallel universe. A new ‘normal’.

My JOB in life became feeling good and loving myself.

I came to everything I know out of a practical need. I did what I HAD to do to feel like myself and live my purpose.

I didn’t do it to become enlightened. I did it because I wanted a better life.

And I want it for you too!

When you master your life , there is no more room for self-doubt, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs. You can feel free to be who you are and live life on your own terms!

That’s not only possible for you.
It’s your destiny!

Professional Bio

Lana Shlafer graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A in Political Economy in 2003. She worked in investment banking at Citigroup and as a Success Coach for university students at Inside Track.

She became certified to teach yoga in 2008 (RYT-500) and ran yoga teacher certification trainings with Cloud Nine Yoga.

in 2010, Lana entered the M.A in Counseling graduate program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She studied Mind-Body Psychotherapy, MBSR, Family Systems and Art Therapy.

After the birth of her twins, Lana realized her passion didn't lie in being a Marriage & Family Therapist. She started her online coaching business in 2012.

She's studied with top level life and business coaches and has built a thriving 6-figure business through offering private coaching, MasterMind programs, live events and online courses. She is currently working on her first book.

Wife and Mama

Teacher & Speaker

Life Mastery Expert

This Could Be You!

Jennifer Woods

Lana’s Master Your Life Academy has been an absolute life-changing experience for me!

If you would have told me I could go from having suicidal thoughts to feeling abundant and fulfilled in a matter of a year , I probably would not have believed you.

When I joined MYLA I felt disillusioned, unhappy, and really uncertain of my path. I had been following Lana for over a year, and her energy was so magnetic. As soon as I saw that her program was open, I jumped at the chance to learn from her.

After just a few months of being in Lana's group, I had done some solid work on learning LOA, self-forgiveness, practicing self-care, etc. I knew it was time to work on my money mindset.

I began imagining a million dollars in my bank account as part of the visioning exercises. I didn't think it would happen, but I didn't doubt that it could. There was no pressure to make it happen. It was a fun little scenario that played out in my head.

Fast forward to last month…I inherited 1.25 MILLION DOLLARS!

Most of that is land that I would have to sell if I wanted the dollar amount in my bank account, but it is still an asset, and I still consider it my million-dollar manifestation!

Then yesterday, I got the email from my attorney. I inherited an additional $95K from my father’s estate…this time in cash!

To sum it up, I’ve gone from a disillusioned graduate student who was depressed, on the wrong path, and in constant pain to becoming an abundant, happy, thriving millionaire entrepreneur – living my dream of being a jewelry designer!

Yes, miracles DO happen, and I am the living manifestation of that miracle!

– Jennifer Woods

Fawzia Aldjazair

Over the last year in the Academy I’ve upleveled so much!

The Academy is THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE. This community is a daily reminder of what's possible.

I finally learned to budget, did my taxes for the first time and changed my money story. I no longer have overdraft fees or overdue credit card payments. I feel empowered about money.

I made friends with my creativity. I let go of the pressure to meet these standards of wordly success. I no longer let fear hold me back.

I have learned to tune into my own Truth. This has given me so much freedom, because I dropped the “shoulds” and replaced them with what delights me.

I am living proof that circumstances do not need to dictate how I feel. Having been through small tornadoes this year, I now KNOW that it's never about avoiding contrast, it's about having such a strong foundation of WELL-BEING in me core that nothing can shake me.

I learned how patient, relentless, compassionate, dedicated, loving, fierce, and PHENOMENAL I AM. Like I can't even get enough of myself!

I am so blessed to keep mastering this way of life, continuing to uncover the jewels within me and enjoy the gifts of this universe!

Life is freaking BEAUTIFUL! And it only gets better. Cheers to starting the best year of YOUR LIFE!

– Fawzia Aldjazair


When I joined the Academy, I was determined to make some shifts. I had really low energy and I’d spent a year working with a mentor whose opinion I had made more important than my own intuition.

I was miserable, and I hadn’t got very far. But I knew there had to be a different way.

So I said to myself: alignment, or bust. I have to shift things!

I went into the monthly challenges whole-hog. I tried out all of the different techniques that sounded interesting just to see what would happen and which ones I would like.

Then during the Master Abundance challenge, a breakthrough showed up for me in a major way. Suddenly, it all made sense.

I was *already* the richest b!tch on the planet! Because I'm me.

This made me value myself more and inspired me to change my area of expertise. Feedback from the members group shined a spotlight on what I’m really lit up about offering but have been blind to because I thought – weirdly – that nobody needed it: seduction & sex coaching. As soon as I began offering this, the clients just showed up.

I could never have imagined all of these shifts could take place in just a few short months after signing up!

I joined because I wanted to have a chiropractic adjustment for my life, to get to that clicked-in place where things are just easier. I’ve gotten that, AND I’ve completely changed direction in my business to something that feels light, effortless, and abundant. 

Thank you, Lana, I’m a true fan!

– Julia Minden

Dori Green

My testimonial for Lana Shlafer and the Master Your Life Academy is simple: I love it!

I didn’t even know what I was signing up for…but my cup was empty, I was tired all the time, kinda sad and almost hopeless about my future.

I was drawn to Lana's joy. She lights up like a disco ball and helps others shine and sparkle too as she grooves with such alignment and ease.

As I started with the practices I struggled with words like Worth and Ease; I had learned to work so hard I was really killing myself for very little rewards.

This program and the members group have become a safe zone to share, to become more me and feel good. I have met some amazing people and made real friendships.

I call the group my swimmy noodles: they help keep me afloat floating. It feels amazing to have a tribe of like minded people cheering you on as you grow and Lana is an amazing facilitator!

I recommended this program to anyone feeling a bit lost but knowing they have a good heart and would like more good stuff in their world! This is a great way to get there.

– Dori Green

But there is more…


BONUS 1  > Your Hand-Selected Alignment Buddy

Connecting with others who are just as focused on their alignment is instrumental to growth and success. The alignment buddy relationship can help uplevel all areas of your life!

Your Alignment Buddy Relationship Will Give You:

  • An accountability and visioning partner to better apply everything in the Academy
  • Support, upliftment and encouragement to re-align and soar higher
  • A close friendship with someone else who is mastering their life

The Academy participants are alwasy blown away when they meet their instant bestie who inspires them to reach new unimaginable heights!

(Estimated value for the Alignment Buddy Training and personal match by Lana is $1200.)


BONUS 2 > Live Marry Yourself Ceremony!

For the first time in 2 years Lana will be doing a live Marry Yourself Ceremony during the Foundation Course! (Of course, there will also be a recording.)

This ceremony has transformed hundreds of lives – the participants get to celebrate the eternal union with their Highest Selves and finally receive the kind of love, support, inspiraiton and clarity that they've been looking for their whole lives.

Doing the Marry Yourself Ceremony with the MYLA Community will be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

(Estimated value of $1000, but it's actually PRICELESS.)

BONUS 3 > Opportunity To MasterMind with Lana!

By joining MYLA, you will get an exclusive chance to apply for Lana's coveted VIP MasterMind Program.

Lana’s powerful online MasterMind Program and live MasterMind events are usually only available to the Academy members.

Get a taste of the incredible energy and metamorphosis of MasterMinds in the video below!


Common Questions

I’m already well-versed in the Law of Attraction and meditate daily. Will I still benefit?

A major part of the Academy is focused on building a daily yet versatile alignment practice that is so much broader than meditation.

We will cover various manifestational and therapeutic practices (such as guided imagery, scripting, spoken visioning, etc.) and each month you will receive new tools to powerfully shift your point of attraction!

This will result in more enjoyable, deliberate, and immediate manifestations.

Plus, you will now have an incredible community of like-minded supporters who will encourage you to step into greater self-love, dream big, and line up with what you desire!

If you would like to learn to attract what you desire more easily and quickly, while having the best cheering squad with you, then you will love MYLA!

What if I miss a week or a month?

Since this program is done at your own pace and 100% online, you can’t ever miss any materials.

The first four weeks in the Foundation Course are designed to familiarize you with the language and practices to build a foundation of clarity, success, and stable alignment.

Then the monthly courses build upon that foundation to add more advanced ways to empower, manifest, and thrive.

Plus, you will have lifetime access to all the materials so you can revisit them at any time.

Will I have direct contact with Lana in the Academy?

Lana is very active on the Facebook group, so you can ask her questions there and she will answer with insight, encouragement, and love! 

Plus, you’ll have a monthly Q&A calls (and another bonus call in the first month), where you can be coached by Lana directly.

Moreover, once you are in the MYLA family, you will have the opportunity to attend the Master Your Life LIVE EVENT in January 2018 and work with Lana in an intimate MasterMind group.

When will the live coaching calls take place? Will there be a recording?

We have done our best to consider the various time zones across the world to allow everyone to join during waking hours.

The MYLA Facebook Live video Q&A Calls are usually on the fourth Wednesday of every month at rotating times to accomodate our global community. 

In case you can't make a certain call, but want to ask questions, you can email us your questions in advance. Then you'll hear Lana's answers in the call recording.

Plus, you have access to an archive of all previous call recordings for each Master Course.

Considering that one private session with Lana is valued at over $1000, this is a great way to work with her directly on a budget!

What happens if it's not for me? How do I get a refund?

I am so certain that the Academy will have a huge return on investment for you that I am delighted to offer a full no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't want to continue the program, just let us know within 14 days of accessing the members’ area why it’s not for you, and you will receive a full refund.

How do the online courses work? What if I’m not too tech savvy?

If you're comfortable using Facebook, accessing your emails and logging into websites – that's all you'll need to be able to do to take full advantage of the Academy!

Should I still join if I’m not on Facebook much?

While the Facebook Group isn't essential to the course materials, it is an important aspect of the community and receiving direct support from Lana.

If you're a self-paced learned who doesn't love interacting within a group, then you'll greatly benefit just from the Academy materials and will be fine without the community aspect.

But, if you want additional support and interaction, the Facebook group will be an essential part of MYLA for you.

Is this an ongoing program? Can I join later if I can't afford it now?

We won’t be enrolling for MYLA again until sometime in 2018. Plus, we'll be upgrading the program so the price will significantly increase next time.

Ask yourself: Can I afford to wait another year before I feel deeply satisfied, joyous, and empowered in my life?

If reading about this program has got you excited about what’s possible in your life, then you know this program is for YOU!

The Academy is like a graduate program for your happiness and manifesting abilities – and this tide will lift all boats in your life.

There is no better (and most affordable) time to begin than NOW!

Can I still attend the Live Event if I didn't pay in full?

Everyone who pays in full will recieve a FREE ticket to the January 2018 2-day Master Your Life LIVE EVENT in Southern California. (Date and more details will be announced in September.)

If you select the payment installments option, you will still be able to attend the epic live event by purchasing a ticket!

MYLA participants have been asking for a live event for 2 years and it's finally happening! Get ready for powerful heart-opening connections, incredible breakthroughs, inspiring guest speakers and a whole lotta Lana-love!

This Could Be You!

Mary Alvizures

Before joining the Master Your Life Academy, I was in transition from leaving my job to going completely full time with my business.

My biggest worry was: how will I get clients? I had a few, but nothing major.

As a result of the program, I've done a complete 180 and feel like I'm on fire!

I took baby steps at my pace… and then found myself pushing harder than ever though because I was excited!

A few months into the Academy, I:

  • Went full time in my business
  • Have new happy clients who I love
  • Decided to start looking to move to a bigger space
  • Hired help to keep moving forward

I’m SOOOOO GRATEFUL and loving life!!

And this all started with the little Manifest Miracles Challenge and then continued in the Academy. I can't wait to see what other amazing things I create in my life!

– Mary Alvizures

Jennifer Hritz

LOVE this program! After three months in Master Your Life Academy, I feel positively effervescent!

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with many different coaches and delighted in my own evolution. A few months ago I felt a bit stagnant, and Lana kept popping up in different places: my Facebook feed, random emails, a word from a friend.

I’d been wanting to continue my exploration of self-love, abundance, prosperity… and Lana’s program seemed like an exciting and supportive place to do just that.

The members group is wildly supportive, and I know that whether I’m in celebration mode or feeling stuck, I can voice my emotions and get instant feedback from many people.

And Lana has been very present in our Facebook group, to the extent that I feel like she knows me.

The monthly challenges have been, in a word, transformative. I’m becoming more and more aware of some beliefs that don’t flow with the life I’m creating, and I’ve found that unearthing those – and playing with new ones – to be an emphatically rewarding experience.

I’m becoming more attuned to what I think and speak, and with the tools Lana has provided I feel not just closer to realizing more abundance, more prosperity, more connection… I’m there!

I’m blown away by the manifestations that have already occurred (thousands of dollars, gifts, the best first date I’ve had yet)! And every day I allow more.

I place a very high value on my time. I’m not the type to dabble for long with something that doesn’t create significant shifts in my life. The Academy has been a fantastic enhancement to my world.

The best part? It’s FUN.

– Jennifer Hritz

Selena Delesie

Ever since joining the Master Your Life Academy I have SO MUCH celebration happening in my life!

By simply loving and aligning myself, and letting go of other people’s thoughts and ideas, my relationships with family members are becoming what I always desired.

The relationship with my ideal man is back and stronger than ever. We are joyfully moving forward together.

I love how my life is unfolding day to day, moment to moment. I allow feelings to come up, to be honored, and to be released when it feels right. My days flow much more naturally, easily, and abundantly!

Yesterday was a great example – I took my car in to be checked out for a seeming fuel ignition problem, and was told that it would take $3000 to make it safe to drive again.

So I yelled and swore for half an hour in a rental car, and then shifted into ‘I wonder what awesome amazing new vehicle is going to come to me to replace this one?! Maybe I'll win one! Or be gifted one! Or…' – the list went on!

What an amazing shift! I feel invincible because no matter what happens I know how to go back to feeling hopeful, empowered and aligned.

Can't wait to see what I manifest next!

– Selena Delesie

Scott Wellington

Lana, thank you for everything you’ve done in the Master Your Life Academy program!

Even though I had no idea what to expect, I wanted to join just because I knew it would be amazing. I trust you and your ability to lead and inspire and I knew I would benefit tremendously. I was right!

When I joined the program, I wanted to eliminate negative thought patterns that I had developed over the years, but I wasn't even sure it was possible.

The significant improvement in my overall mental wellness, awareness of abundance and appreciation for what I have is nothing short of miraculous.

Before the Academy, I would never have imagined I’d be able to shift so drastically in such a short time. 

The Facebook group for the members is so uplifting and insightful. And the daily challenges have been a great way to stay connected and inspired. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m not moving forward fast enough. But at the end of each month I look back and see how much progress I’ve made in just 30 days. It is always significantly more than I thought!

To anyone on the fence about joining, I would say “Go for it”. Give it your all for 30 days. Then look back and see if it was worth it. 

I’m 100% sure you will realize it was a great decision!

– Scott Wellington

My Final Invitation

Hundreds of participants have gone through the Academy, manifested their dreams and are thriving in every way imaginable.

Collectively they've manifested MILLIONS of dollars, seen incredible MIRACLES and have experienced massive UPLEVELING.

So it's not about whether this comprehensive program works (that's proven), it's about whether you're ready to live by design and aligned with the divine.


It is your destiny to be in love with yourself and master your life!

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