So many people look forward to setting New Year’s resolutions, but few recognize that it’s actually how you end the year that matters more for achieving your goals.

Preparation is key to every victory in life. {Tweet it!}

When I began intentionally closing the year with a manifesting ceremony, my life felt more deliberate and I achieved many intentions I’ve had for years!

I got pregnant effortlessly, had an amazing twin home birth, traveled to places I’ve always wanted to see, my business soared and abundance flowed in, I felt more passionately in love with my husband, and so much more!

So I invite you to set yourself up to thrive in 2017 by doing a New Year Manifesting Ceremony.

The last days of the year have long been recognized as an auspicious and sacred time to:

  • reflect and celebrate the year that has passed
  • release beliefs, habits and situations that are no longer serving you
  • set a clear vision and specific intentions for the year ahead
  • invite the powerful energy of attraction to manifest your desires

In years past, I have held New Year Ceremonies and the participants raved about how incredible it was to step into the new year with so much clarity, hope and inspiration.

This year I’m sharing with you the steps to create your own end-of-the-year ritual (alone or with friends). 

And I’ve created a beautiful workbook for you to keep all of your reflections and visions in one place.

Download your free Manifesting Ceremony Workbook below.



1. Create A Sacred Space.

You don’t have to do the Ceremony on the 31st of December. Select a day and time when you (and whoever you invite) will enjoy focusing on setting intentions without interruptions.

When deciding on location, begin with connecting with what a ceremony means to you and what kind of an environment is conducive for feeling inspired, safe and reverential.

For me, it could mean any of the following:

  • lighting a candle with the intention of illuminating the vision for the next year
  • burning some incense or sage to clear the space
  • creating an altar with things that hold personal meaning such as photographs, art, and sacred objects
  • having a journal and pen ready and maybe even getting a whole collection of art supplies
  • gathering tarot cards or any other tools for connecting with inner wisdom
  • putting on inspiring music


2. Center Yourself.

Meditate or just do some deep breathing for a 5-10 minutes. Slow down your heart rate. Feel your body and all the present sensations. Drop-in to Presence.

If you are gathering with friends, I recommend someone guiding everyone in a centering meditation.


3. Reflect On Intentions From This Year.

If you can read last year’s notes or remember your intentions for the year that’s ending, it will be useful to reflect and journal about them:

  • Have you achieved what you set out to accomplish in the last 12 months? If not, why not?
  • Did you live in alignment with your true intentions and priorities? If not, why?
  • What valuable personal and professional lessons have you learned?

Maybe you feel proud and powerful for making courageous choices. Or maybe you feel angry and frustrated for continuing outdated patterns. All of it is perfectly okay.  

Rest in Napoleon Hill’s wisdom that “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.”

(Can’t remember your intentions for this year? Just think about the things that are important to you and whether you are living in alignment with them.)

If others are doing the ceremony with you, share with each other 2-3 lessons you learned from the year.

And if you love fire, then write down in the 2-3 habits or beliefs that you are ready to release on a pieces of paper and burn it. As it goes up in flames, know that the Universe heard your readiness to shift and will now fully support you in your desire!


4. Write Down 10 Highlights From This Year. 

If you want more to celebrate next year, then don’t forget to celebrate what’s gone well this year. Because whatever you focus on, will amplify.

They can be big achievements or more subtle magic moments. Remember how your successes felt and what made them so special.

If you are doing the ceremony with others, share some of your highlights in all their juicy glory!

Focusing and re-living the most exciting and exhilarating times of your life is one of the most powerful ways of reprogramming your mindset. Keep a success score card, instead of a failure tab!


5. Declare What You Want Next Year.

I recommend writing down one intention for each area of your life. I find these goals to feel more powerful when I state them in present tense so that I feel like I’m already living my desires.

Here are four main areas to focus on:

1. Your Health. The health goal can do with fitness or dietary habits or it can be very general, such as:

“I tune into my body wisdom and make choices that nourish and support every cell in radiant health.”

2. Your Wealth. The wealth intention can be a specific desire in your career or finances or it can be something like:

“Money, love and resources flow to me like water.”

3. Your Relationships. A relationship goal will be more powerful if you can focus on how YOU want to feel instead of how you would like someone else to change. For example:

“I attract the most amazing, supportive, inspiring and loving people into my life!”

4. Your Personal Enrichment. Probably the most important goal out of all 3 because it’s what feeds your soul, heart and mind.

A great way to explore this topic is to free-write how you'd live if you had all the money, time and freedom you could want. Look over what you wrote and think of one goal for the year ahead that lights you up. For instance:

“It’s so easy to invest in my happiness and growth.”

(My Personal Enrichment goal this year was “I dance every chance I get and remember my freedom, power and beauty” and this pregnancy dance video went VIRAL with over 500K views!)

Write these intentions down in the Manifesting Ceremony Workbook and rip out the page to keep somewhere visible throughout the year.


6. Choose A Theme For Next Year.

After you have reflected on where you’ve been and where you want to go, pick a theme word or phrase to be be your North Star when making decisions.

The theme guides you back to your true priorities.

For example, my focus for 2014 was “I’m Ready.” Anytime I had to make a big decision, I’d remind myself that I’m ready. That helped me launch new courses and build a new website, all before I felt I was truly prepared (truthfully, I was never going to feel 100% ready).

In 2015, I chose the KISS principle as my theme — “Keep It Simple, Silly.” I had a big sign with those words above my desk and it guided me to cut things out or adjust when they felt complicated.

My 2016 theme was Surrender and I could write a novel about the ways I’ve leaned back into feeling truly supported and allowing.

I had an amazing unassisted home birth where I surrendered more than ever before. And I doubled my business while working way less so I can be home with my baby.

It’s amazing how just a simple phrase can help us focus on our priorities and wake up divine forces to manifest our intentions!


7. Share. Amplify. Multiply.

If you are with others, share your intentions and your theme one by one and after each person finished speaking, reflect aloud together say: “And so it is!”

And if you do the ceremony on your own, I recommend writing an email to a couple of friends summarizing your desires for 2017 and asking them to help you stay focused in the coming year.

When two or more minds align with a vision, the power of that idea becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts.

So share with (supportive) others what you want to develop in your life – you will be amazed how much more enjoyable the journey to your destination becomes.



By this time, you should be feeling so good you feel like flying right into the next year and you are ready to step into the new YOU!

Please let me know in the comments below how you enjoy this ceremony and if you have any other favorite ways to wrap up the year.

And if you want to do this ceremony with friends, please send them this post and share the manifesting love!

Cheers to a PHENOMENAL 2017!!!


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