Want to manifest a miracle in 50 days?!

I’ve manifested some unbelievable miracles.

From money, dream husband, an extraordinary twin home-birth and even living in our beach dream home for free!

I have been teaching how to heal pain and turn it into gain and manifest miracles for over 10 years.

And yet still I had people ask whether this would work for them.So I decided to show HOW I manifest something most people think is a miracle.

That’s how the #50DaysTo50K series was born.

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In this video, I share why I’m doing #50DaysTo50K and what you can expect!

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What goal should you choose for the #50days?

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Decide how to live life from this day forward. Life is waiting for your command – when you commit to looking for miracles everywhere, that’s what you will find.

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Today’s video was hard for me to do.  I’m gonna be unreasonable and post it anyway.

I’m showing UP and going all IN, even if it means revealing my ups and downs or sharing my insecurities.


Biggest manifestation so far – $3,000 miracle!  You gotta hear it to believe it!


A powerful manifesting exercise to WELCOME what you’ve been asking for!

DAY 7 – Miraculous Money + Gratitude Tears!

Today’s video was super emotional. I hope you enjoy this gratitude exercise to go from feeling stressed to blessed!

DAY 8 – Stop, Drop, Realign (in a million dollar pool)!

Working out, swimming and realigning with special guests!

DAY 9 – Two Exercises To Increase Self-Worth!

Exercises to feel more worthy, deserving and ready for more abundance and freedom.

DAY 10 – Celebration As A Manifesting Tool

Celebration is appreciation in action. In this video, I share how to use celebration to manifest faster and easier!

DAY 11 – Lemons Into Lemonade

Hurricane prep and dealing with fears and storms in life. 

DAY 12 – I crossed $10K!

I cross $10,000 today!!! And manifested a miracle!

DAY 13 – Increase Your Capacity To Receive!

The universe will deliver to you whatever you have the capacity to receive!

DAY 14 – Common Manifesting Block

You can’t get THERE, when you don’t know WHERE that is. Here is how to find your true priorities and aim at the right target.

DAY 15 – Wheel Of Life Exercise

Without awareness, change is impossible. How aware are you about what’s working and not working in your life?

DAY 16 – Cycle of Shame & Blame

Trauma doesn’t have to hold you back, it can propel you forward.

DAY 17 – Children & Selfishness

A vulnerable share about facing death, having regrets and raising children.

DAY 18 – Live Event in Puerto Rico!

I share an epic manifestation + how I ground when I start to feel too excited. This help me continue to receive more!

DAY 19 – Gridding Practice

What I value most in life and how I create it (and why most people don’t).

DAY 20 – Bless The Money

Amplify money manifestations to bring more positive impact and abundance!

DAY 21 – Meditation & Centering

Different ways to center and become more present.

DAY 22 – Exploring Puerto Rico!

Check out some of our adventures in Puerto Rico!

DAY 23 – Haters & Negativity

How I approach criticism or hate and why I don’t work for free.

DAY 24 – Permission Slips

What are permission slips and how to use them to change your perspective and circumstances.

DAY 25 – Miracle Journaling

The Miracle Journal Process and the kids of miracles it can create.

DAY 26 – Control Your Mind

Did you know that there are breathing techniques that can help you regulate emotions?

DAY 34 – Parallel Reality

How I moved from contrast to clarity in a personal challenge by using parallel reality visualizing.

DAY 35 – Visioning Techniques

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Here are four visioning techniques to create your future.

DAY 36-37 – Stop Blocking Help

How I was blocking support & abundance (and you may be too).

DAY 38 – Marry Yourself

Vulnerable video about the power of self-love and why I married myself.

DAY 40 – Transfurfing

Have you heard of Reality Transfurfing? Apply the concept of slides to jump into a parallel reality!

DAY 41 – Watch me coach!

Hot seat about changing long-term patterns that seem to follow this course participant wherever she goes.

DAY 42 – Scripting

Manifest your big goals with this writing exercise about your ideal day.

DAY 43 – Written Visioning

A scripting exercise that has helped me manifest ANYTHING I want!

DAY 44 – Water Manifesting

These are blowing people’s minds – try them!

DAY 45 – Rampage Of Appreciation

A spoken visioning technique that brings instant results!

DAY 46 – How To Get More

A 50 sec video with a spoken visioning exercise you can do anywhere, anytime to feel better and manifest more!

DAY 47 – MasterMinding

MasterMinding based on Napoleon Hill and Abraham-Hicks to quantum leap into your preferred reality!

DAY 48 – New Car + Killer Abs!

Check out my new car and ab definition! (Wheel Of Life Revisited Exercise)

DAY 49 – What’s nextt?

What do you do after you learn to manifest? Practice is not just for the novice, it’s also for the master.

DAY 50 – The results are in!

The #50DaysTo50K Manifesting Experiment has been such a wild ride.

In this video I share how much money I manifested and the growth I’ve experienced. I hope you have too!

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