This is what flowed through me one day during a morning alignment practice.

It’s what Abraham-Hicks calls a rampage of appreciation and what I call a creative flow.

May it serve you as much as it served me!

I can relax. I know how to allow. I know how to move through life feeling open, unattached, allowing, ease-ful and present.

I love feeling like everything is coming to me with no effort.

People call me at the right time to offer the perfect thing. Circumstances line up and coordinate themselves for my highest enjoyment.

The most delicious food, mouthwatering, flavorful and nutritious, finds me everywhere I go. 

My body regenerates at an amazing rate and each cell inspires me to move and live in ways that adds to my vitality and health totally effortlessly.

My book writes itself. The words flow onto the page, surprising and delighting me in their brilliance and wisdom. No effort, no thought even.

The intuitive, all-knowing part of me takes over and knows what to do.

And I get to enjoy the roaring waves of pleasure that follow surrendering to the God within me.

This feels like play and magic. I love allowing! I love being in receptive mode. I know how to listen and welcome.

My desires are powerful enough that I don’t need to focus on them. I have enough intentions and desires in my my vibration escrow for 20-30 exhilarating lifetimes.

It’s time to allow it in.

I am opening. And it feels so good. Like the breeze and the ocean air are caressing me. Like the waves washing ashore serenading me.

All of life is knocking itself out to bless me in countless and creative ways.

There is nothing that I need to do today. Or any day. I follow what feels good, what feels easy, what feels exciting.

I look for the path of least resistance.

And as I find it, and take it, I celebrate and rejoice as life confirms to me my alignment by bringing directly to me all kinds of manifestations that I’ve desires.

Thriving in life or business is really simple. Allowing is the name of the game. (Tweet it!)

And I’m really good at it.

I feel at peace. My soul is at ease. My heart is open.

I have arrived once again!!!!

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