My daughter recently had pneumonia. At it’s peak, her fever was 105.4 degrees. It was so terrifying to imagine calling 911 for my five-year-old.

When this was going on, I really had to pull out ALL the stops to not lose my pebbles and freak out.

It was so tempting to blame this and that. And to shame myself for all the ways I could have done things differently to NOT be in this horrific situation.

But that would have been a waste of time.

In the end, we managed to lower her fever and get her on a swift road to recovery. And then I was able to recognize just what a huge GIFT this experience was for me and my family.

Not only did it bring me tremendous clarity about some patterns that were out of alignment, but it helped me see how I can prioritize the health and well-being of our family over other ‘important’ deadlines, tasks and to-dos.

In the midst of this crisis, I couldn’t help but think of all the people who have asked me over the years if they have bad luck or are just bad at manifesting, since they keep finding themselves in crappy situations.

The truth is it’s neither. Becoming a master at manifesting means embracing the challenges and contrast that come your way and being able to transform them into blessings.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Why did I manifest this totally horrible, awful, unwanted thing?
  • Am I doing this Law Of Attraction thing wrong? Do I have ‘bad luck’?
  • What do I do once I’m in the middle of a crisis to not attract more negative outcomes?

Then click play on today’s Lana TV episode where I share how you can transform tragedies into blessings and become the deliberate creator you’ve come here to be.

The key to getting out of the negative cycle of pain, shame and blame after something awful happens is to truly embrace Abraham-Hick’s Step #5: Not being upset when you find yourself back in a Step #1 situation.

Step #1 is simply you living life, experiencing contrast and preferring what you like. Kind of like programming your GPS toward the destination that you want.

Step #2 is Source tending to what you want and calling you toward it. This is the GPS giving you directions to your desires.

Step #3 is you being in a space of allowing and hearing the GPS directions and following them.

Step #4 is deliberately and consistently finding yourself in Step #3 allowing mode.

And Step #5 is enjoying the full spectrum of emotions, understanding the value of contrast and no longer fearing or being upset when you find yourself up a creek without a paddle (because you know how to program the GPS and arrive at your destination).

Step #5 mastery means instead of asking “Why did I manifest this? Why do I have such back luck?” you say, “Oh good, I did that. Let’s see what gifts it brings me.”

Whatever you ascribe to a situation, is what you will derive from it. So if you think it’s a tragedy, it can only bring you discomfort and pain. If you see it as a blessing in disguise, it will eventually reveal the gift.

Now I want to hear from you:

  • What awful things have you experienced that initially brought you pain, shame and blame, but in hindsight you can see the benefits and gifts from the situation?
  • What helps you live more in Step #5, appreciate ALL the experiences of life and see the silver lining in all situations?

I can’t wait to hear your powerful stories of pivoting from feeling powerless and fearful to empowered and invincible!

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