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Your Body Is Crying – Are You Listening?

How would it feel to always know how to take care of yourself so that you never get sick, depleted, confused or hopeless? Once you learn the universal language of needs, and your unique dialect, you’ll always know how to meet your own needs. I’m sure you knew that...

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Lessons From My Unassisted Home Birth

  The unassisted home birth for my third child {almost} broke me. I was already an experienced 'birther'. Our extraordinary twin birth story 6 years ago went viral (read it here). After having the twins at home 33 hours apart, I felt invincible and all-powerful -...

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5 Launch Lessons & 3 Tip For A Killer Launch

My first launch back in 2014 threw me for a total loop. I had no idea it would be so incredibly physically taxing and emotionally turbulent. (By the way, by launch I mean opening doors for a finite amount of time and marketing and selling a product or a service. In my...

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Powerful Relationship Exercise

Over and over, I hear my clients and membership participants ask: “How do I get the kind of relationship I want if I’ve NEVER had it?” If you haven’t felt safe, appreciated, seen, heard or loved by those that raised you or later in life, then it may feel impossible to...

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Effortlessly Feel Sexy, Healthy and Fit In Your Body

I spent years disliking--even hating--my body. When I was a dancer, I always felt I wasn’t thin enough, tall enough or good enough. It later developed into binge eating and body dysmorphia. I would put so much focus on dieting and exercise, and I even thought that if...

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3 Approaches To Handle Anxiety During A Big Life Change

Going through big transitions in life is tough. Whether moving, switching jobs, ending a relationship, becoming a mother or experiencing any other big change - a transition can shake up our foundation and feel like massive earthquake in our life. I used to hate...

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You Don’t Need Money To Do What You Want, You Need This

Everyone seems to want more money! And more quickly. I get questions all the time from people who ask how they can manifest more money so they can finally get what they want, feel secure and free and live their dreams. You may notice from the video that my hair has...

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Easiest Way To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams

Sometimes when I’m out walking my dog in our gorgeous neighborhood, on a sexy date with my husband or having a blast playing with my kids… I pause and think about how blessed I am. I’ve even wondered what I did to receive all of this abundance—except that thought is...

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Bad Luck Or Bad Manifesting? The Answer May Surprise You!

My daughter recently had pneumonia. At it's peak, her fever was 105.4 degrees. It was so terrifying to imagine calling 911 for my five-year-old. When this was going on, I really had to pull out ALL the stops to not lose my pebbles and freak out. It was so tempting to...

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