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How I Manifested A Surprise $40K (and you can too)

If you've been with me for awhile, you know that my husband and I manifested our DREAM HOME (watch this LanaTV episode about it)! And that soon after moving in we realized that we would GET PAID TO LIVE IN IT! Now I'm finally sharing the full story with all the...

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Bashar Event Highlights & AAA Manifestation Formula

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by Bashar (find out more about him here), and enjoyed being the first hot seat interaction of the evening. I asked tons of questions, and came away with such clarity on manifesting and allowing that I had to...

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Patience is For Fools

I'll be the first one to admit I'm not a patient person... From a young age I knew that sitting there, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for something to change wasn't the fastest way to achieve what I wanted. So I would dive into action with fervor, zest and hunger....

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Hitting Rock Bottom to Get to the Top

Most people are quick to tell you about their highs, the peak experiences of their lives. Not everyone is open to sharing the lows. Today I want to talk about a personal experience of how I went crashing down from the high of our extraordinary twin home birth story to...

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Hard Work Doesn’t Work (and here is what does)

So many people love to brag about working so hard. They wear hard work and struggle like a badge of honor. Fighting obstacles. Pushing through the problems. Wrestling the challenges into the ground. And they feel that they deserve success because of all the trials and...

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Is Honesty the Best Policy?

It's not always easy to share our truth. Especially if it may disappoint or hurt someone. But what's the cost of holding it in? What's the price we pay for saying yes to something we don't want to do? What's the price of being bending over backwards for someone else...

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Post-Travel Blues, Finding My Muse, and BIG News!

Have you ever gone on an incredible trip or spiritual retreat, only to come back feeling exhausted from so much growth and emotional journeying? After getting back from a two-week European trip, I was hit with a major case of the post-travel blues. Not only because I...

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Stop Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Self-Love may be my favorite topic EVER. Because it is the foundation for manifesting everything we want, including a deep sense of self-worth and self-appreciation. There is a range of self-love that you can experience, starting with acceptance, honoring and...

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