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I’m a Serial Quitter

I’m quitting my business, again.

If I had a penny for every project I’ve started, and every job I’ve had … I’d have a lot of pennies! The truth is, I love feeling excited about what I’m working on and riding new waves…

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Align & Shine Interview: Sarah Grear

I've been feeling like I want to quit my business. Not again! (Read how I quit my business last year.) Even though I'm usually quite verbose and explicit, for the last few weeks I couldn't seem to express the shifts that are happening super fast in my life. And since...

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How to Use Jealousy to Your Benefit

Have you ever felt that tangible pang of jealousy when looking at someone (or something)? Joana wrote in with a question, expressing that she loves and supports all that I'm creating and doing - but at the same time, can't help but feel a little jealous, as well. In...

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Is it immoral to be rich?

Do you feel like you won't be a good person if you become wealthy? If you have ever felt the tension between ascending spiritually and gaining financially, then this LanaTV episode is for you. You won't believe how many people in this world think that money is evil...

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Align & Shine Interview: Kimra Luna

What if one day you decided to go for your dreams, got a credit card for $5K and used the Law of Attraction to create a business you love... AND MADE $160K IN THE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF YOUR BUSINESS??! Plus you did this after spending 5 years on welfare. That's exactly...

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Attract Your Ideal Relationship

This week's Lana TV episode was going to be called V-Day + Vibrators, but I thought that it may give you the wrong idea. Because more than talking about self-pleasure in this video, I want to talk about self-love. Last year around Valentine's Day, I shared with you in...

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Align & Shine Interview: Denise DT

Are you feeling lucky and rich in your life? Today's Align & Shine interview with Denise Duffield-Thomas is all about building wealth with ease and alignment! Don't let the cheeky name of her book fool you, this author of the Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! book is no...

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