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Stop Blocking Your Happiness

A few weeks ago I shared this video on Facebook that resonated with SO many of you and went viral, with over 40 shares and thousands of views within days. I wanted to share it here just in case you missed it (or if you want a reminder of this powerful message)!

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Three Mindset Shifts To Manifest Miracles

This week I'm excited to bring you a taste of my Manifesting Miracles workshop and invite you to a FREE online version of this workshop! I have already shared a lot of great examples of creating miracles in my own life, like my twin home birth story and finding our...

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Embrace Being Bad to Feel Good

When contrast and conflict arise, are you able to overcome them? Or do you buckle under the weight of self-judgement and disappointment? In today's Lana TV episode, I want to share with you how you can embrace the wobbles in your life by stepping into unconditional...

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Forgiveness 101 with Erin-Ashley Kerti

I don't believe in forgiveness. I believe in radically embracing what's happened and milking it for the clarity and gifts that it brought, until there is nothing left to forgive. Forgiveness isn't about getting rid of anything, it's about a perspective shift. All...

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From F*ed Up To Miracle Maker

This week I'm sharing a powerful interview with you. I spoke with Susy Ashworth, from The Calm Birth School, about how I birthed a new version of me, as I birthed my twins in an EPIC home birth. My kids were born 33 hours apart over 6 days of labor (read the full...

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What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction and, most importantly, why should you care? In my view, it is the most powerful way to move through life and deliberately achieve joy, ease, abundance, and accelerated self-realization. If you desire to live a truly optimal life, the Law...

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I’m a Serial Quitter

I’m quitting my business, again.

If I had a penny for every project I’ve started, and every job I’ve had … I’d have a lot of pennies! The truth is, I love feeling excited about what I’m working on and riding new waves…

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