Have you ever gone on an incredible trip or spiritual retreat, only to come back feeling exhausted from so much growth and emotional journeying?

After getting back from a two-week European trip, I was hit with a major case of the post-travel blues.

Not only because I fully stepped into the me that I was becoming during the epic VIP MasterMind in London that I ran for a few premium GFY members.

But because being away and having a few things go ‘wrong’, really made me see where I still hold on to ideas that I ‘should’ do things a certain way. This felt suffocating and I knew I want to shed another layer of perfectionism.

I may also have a mild case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so I’ve been willing to trade ease for excitement. This trip made me realize how bonkers this was.

By the time I was crying into my husband’s arms in Barcelona after feeling exhausted and depleted, I knew something had to shift.

At times of contrast, I love to remind myself that I attract what I need, not what I want. So it was the perfect trip, just not the one I expected.

Certainly I will do things very differently in the future when I combine working, traveling with my husband and seeing lots of friends in a short trip.

As I’ve been integrating all the realizations and clarity I had, it became clear that there is a big opportunity for me to let go of things in my business and life that used to feel right, but now feel out of alignment.

Because I’m interested in living at a new level of ease, inspiration and flow. And continuing to up the ante on how aligned, free, inutive, inspired, creative and playful I can be in my every day life (and not just on a kid-free vacation in sexy Ibiza!).

So in some ways I’m Quitting My Business again, which can’t be a surprise since I’ve already admitted that I’m a Serial Quitter, haha!

Watch the video below to hear what big news I have about my business, to see my new LanaTV set and reflect on where in your life you can give yourself permission to shift toward more simplicity, inspiration and ease.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know:

Does travel always bring you clarity? And who is your muse? Who and what  inspires you to keep making changes to continuously improve your business and life?

This is a big question to reflect on and I hope you’ll take some time today to ponder which things in your life served you in the summer of your life and not in the winter of your life (as Wayne Dyer used to say).

I’m excited about the big news that I’m closing the Get Full of Yourself Membership until December, and only opening doors a few times a year going forward. Because that feels much more EXCITING and EASE-FUL for me and my team.

Can’t wait to read your comments about what you’re ready to shift in your life in the comments below!

With all my love,