Ten years is a lifetime. It’s hard to summarize everything that’s happened in the last decade because it feels like it was SO much.

I got engaged in January of 2009 and then found out I’m pregnant – WITH TWINS – a month later.

So this decade started with a bang… and some unintended but epic consequences! 😉

Instead of doing the typical ten lessons or wins of the last decade, I thought I’d do something I’ve never seen before.


10 Things I Can’t Believe Happened In 10 Years:


1. Birthed twins 33 hours apart

Never did I ever imagine I’d get pregnant with twins in grad school and not finish to my master’s degree.

Or that I’d labor at home for six days and have them come 33 hours apart.

Never did I ever imagine that I could be so in love with a man and then create two beings who broke my heart as open as the universe and gave me the opportunity to feel more purpose and adoration than seems possible.


2. Became a Mindset Coach and Law Of Attraction Teacher

I was a certified success coach before this decade. But going through grad school taught me what body/mind/soul healing really is.

I had been using the law of attraction for years. After I had kids, it mattered more than ever to deliberately create an epic life because now it wasn’t just about me.

My husband and I manifested dream homes, cars, money, etc. But more importantly, we have created deeper love, greater freedom and bigger miracles than we could have ever imagined!

And although I did lots of professional training in the last decade, I learned the most by ‘practicing’ on myself and working with thousands of clients to help them heal, reveal and soar.


3. Moved To Puerto Rico

We dreamed for years of living in a foreign place by the beach, learning a new culture and language and raising our kids in a slower paced environment.

It was a series of synchronicities and miracles that led us to Puerto Rico and we moved here in 2019. This was a dream come true, but…

All my triggers around being a foreigner when I came to the US from Russia at 12 came up for healing.

It made me break open and do something that I’ve been learning the last decade – ask for help and then receive it.

And boy did the help come! We’ve met the most generous, kind, fun, brilliant, incredible people here!

The kids adjusted to their new life so much better than we even imagined. We LOVE living here and are excited to grow deeper roots in Puerto Rico.

Family Puerto Rico


4. Had an unassisted home birth

When we got pregnant with our third baby, we decided to have an unassisted birth – without medical assistance.

I went into labor 2 weeks before the due date and it was my shortest labor – less than 6 hours. Turns out shorter birth does not mean an easier one!

I was so uncomfortable, we called a friend to come and help. At one point, I wasn’t breathing and my friend and my husband breathed and birthed ‘for me’.

It was the greatest surrender I experienced. I felt like this birth ‘broke’ me. Turns out it broke me open.

This completely transformed my close relationships, especially with women, since my friend showed me what it’s like to truly be supported by a sister. And it made me feel more badass and limitless than I’ve ever imagined!


5. Healed an eating disorder

I could write a novel on the previously dysfunctional relationship with my body. It’s been passed down through generations in my family and felt inescapable.

All the years of binge eating and body dysmorphia led me to recognize the pain I was feeling and focus on healing from the inside out. So I am forever grateful for the way my body called me toward the light.

I have used my mindset to literally build a healthier, fitter, sexier body in my 30s than I had in my 20s.

Never did I imagine that I could feel so much freedom and pleasure in my body. That I could love my body so much and feel its love back to me.

It’s priceless.


6. ‘Retired’ my husband and started homeschooling our kids

We dreamed of a life where we didn’t have to march to anyone else’s drumbeat except our own.

My husband had a corporate job that he was ready to leave. And we felt that the traditional school system isn’t going to be the best platform for our kids to develop all the skills in order to thrive as adults.

We thought we needed to have millions saved up and be all ‘prepared’ for us to live this life of world-schooling, independence and freedom.

But after some personal contrast that led us to massive clarity, we decided we’re done waiting. So we moved to Puerto Rico with our kids and are are figuring everything out one step at a time.

The kids are thriving, my husband found a new venture he is starting in 2020 and my business is growing. Just goes to show that you’re never ready to leap, but when you do, you’ll build the wings to fly!


7. Built a company that helps thousands manifest miracles.

I can’t believe that I started from zero and now get to co-create with so many wonderful souls all over the world.

I have over 10,000 on my mailing list. Over 15,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. And almost 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

I’ve had over 20,000 people participate in my Manifesting Challenges and see incredible results!

And over 500 people have gone through my signature program, the Manifest Miracles Bootcamp, and upgraded their lives.

I’ve now grown my team to four core team members and it feels incredible to all be focused on the same mission and each bringing their brilliance to create something bigger than any of us imagined.

These aren’t just numbers to me, these are REAL people who saw REAL change and expressed REAL gratitude for me and my company. Pinch me!


8. Made $32K in one day

I had a real moment when I made over $32,000 in a day (total of over $140K for that launch).

Not only because I used to make that much in a year, but because it was when I truly felt for the first time that THIS IS IT – I will be doing this or the rest of my life.

I will never need to prepare a resume to look for a side-job or to worry if I’m not earning enough for our family to live a good life.

It feels amazing to receive financial compensation for something that is so joyful and meaningful for me and so valuable and impactful to others.


9. ‘Lost’ so many old friends and ‘gained’ so many new ones

Luckily I didn’t actually see any close family members die this decade.

I did experience some friends dying and that was a powerful experience of facing my own mortality and re-committing to living fully today, and every day.

The most painful losses of the last decade were actually three close friends. All of these friendships ended or became distant because of who I AM, not just what I said or did.

It forced me to take a hard look at myself and see if I accept and love myself. It brought so much healing of old childhood wounds and in the end I’m so grateful for each of those friendships and for the way they ended.

Because they led me into being my own best friend and attracting people into my life that absolutely adore my full-on-ness!


10. Be this happy, fulfilled and in love with myself!

There are so many parts of my life that I absolutely adore, but the truth is it’s not about what I’ve done or what I have that makes the last decade so incredible.

It’s who I’ve become. I’ve built a relationship with me where I treat myself well and I’ve got my own back. I adore, celebrate and praise myself daily.

That’s the biggest miracle of all. How a little girl who grew up in Siberia in the dark grey clouds of pessimism and communism created eyes that see color and light everywhere she looks.

And when I look at myself, I feel such pride, tenderness and gratitude. Even as I write this I’m tearing up.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that this is possible for me, I would have told you I’m not built like that. Turns out it doesn’t matter how you’ve been ‘built’ – you can re-build yourself in any way you want.

I did. And I keep doing it. Always dreaming bigger dreams, expanding into new possibilities and entering new realities!



It’s true that we overestimate how much we can accomplish in a day and underestimate how much we can accomplish in a decade.

I really dreaded doing this review because it felt like I couldn’t put into words ALL that’s happened.

But I’m so glad I did!  So I can celebrate how far I’ve come and realize that truly the sky is the limit for me in the next decade!

Now I challenge you to do a similar decade in review! Or at least take a few minutes now to write down the top 10 wins or lessons from 2010-2019.

You literally CANNOT do this exercise and not feel like a total badass!

So I dare you to do the decade review and then post your reflections below so I can celebrate with you!

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