I spent years disliking–even hating–my body. When I was a dancer, I always felt I wasn’t thin enough, tall enough or good enough.

It later developed into binge eating and body dysmorphia.

I would put so much focus on dieting and exercise, and I even thought that if I could just get to this ideal body then I would finally feel like I was in control.

Once I was in control, then I could love myself.

But I have learned that diet and exercise alone will not get you to an amazing shape!

And even if you do get a bangin’ body, you might not feel great in your body. And then, what’s the point!?

In today’s LanaTV episode, I’m going to share the secret of how I’ve been able to maintain my ideal body…effortlessly.

Before, I was exercising and dieting because I felt like I had to. It was miserable, but I didn’t know another way.

When I heard Abraham-Hicks say, “It’s not what you eat – it’s what you believe about what you eat,” it blew me away. It was like a mic drop moment for me.

It wasn’t about the action; it was about the intention and my beliefs.

I now say that alignment is my health and fitness secret! And I am healthier, sexier, more vibrant and more fit than ever, and with less effort than ever!

It would be totally normal if the response this is bringing up for you is one of awe and possibly even a glimmer of, “HELL YES…I want that for myself!”

BUT…if this is making you question your own physical journey to health, I urge you to momentarily suspend your own disbelief because if you’re here reading this…then you might be ready to apply this to your life.

So please watch this LanaTV episode and imagine what it would be like to be in an amazing-feeling, gorgeous-looking, optimally fit body.

And if you want more check out this live Facebook video that inspired today’s LanaTV episode (where you can hear me brag about where I am now and get a glimpse of my pregnant fit body!).

Now I’d love to hear from you:

Have you ever struggled with your weight, fitness and health? What’s worked for you in terms of achieving your ideal fitness and body?

And please share if you are open to taking on my challenge of doing the ONE practice that’s done wonders for me: visualizing how you want to FEEL in your ideal body.

I promise just a few minutes a day will help you tune in to your emotional guidance system to most effectively, joyously, quickly and effortlessly move toward your ideal body and health!

Can’t wait to hear your response to this episode!!!