Going through big transitions in life is tough.

Whether moving, switching jobs, ending a relationship, becoming a mother or experiencing any other big change – a transition can shake up our foundation and feel like massive earthquake in our life.

I used to hate dealing with or experiencing change.

Now I’m proud to say that I masterfully (though not perfectly) navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns! And even know how to transform my pity parties into dance parties! 😉

We recently moved into a new home on short notice and it got a bit hairy in some moments.

In this LanaTV episode, I’m sharing with you, the ways in which I have learned to ride waves of change with ease, trust and grace, in hope that they can be helpful for you as well.

First, I now recognize that all big transitions are happening for my own good.

I don’t believe that anything happens to me, I believe that everything happens for me. So anything that shakes me up is a wake-up call to make changes in my mindset or life.

When a big transition happens, I recognize that it is something that is happening for my well-being and growth, and that it will take me to the next level.

Second, my inner anchors can root me when a big transition shakes up my world.

In times of transition, there has to be something you can lean on internally that doesn’t get impacted by what’s happening.

When you can develop an unconditional feeling of security, safety, trust and grace, outside conditions will rattle you less.

Remember, you’ve got you. And Source/God has your back so it’s going to be all right no matter how it currently appears.

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Third, a transition can illuminate cracks in the foundation so that you can create an even more stable footing.

During the transition, don’t try to fix or mend the cracks, instead duck and cover until the earth stops shaking!

But, once the craziness is over, begin to repair the damage. Working through fears and anxieties is an opportunity for more clarity, self-understanding, self-love and inner stability.

And a much stronger foundation for the rest of your life.

Remember, there is nothing in life that you can’t recover from. It’s not a perfect journey, but it is always custom tailored for you to step into more self-realization.

Now change is welcome in my life and there is excitement about where it will take me.

Because I can now appreciate and lean into transitions instead of being terrified when something is shifting.

I’ve learned to ride the waves of transformation with exhilaration and focus on enjoying the ups and downs. And that’s made life a helluva lot easier and more enjoyable!

Now I’d love to hear from you:

How do you handle big transition in life when things get uncomfortable? What are the ways you’ve learned to enjoy the changes instead of dreading them?

Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

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