Do you feel like you won’t be a good person if you become wealthy?

If you have ever felt the tension between ascending spiritually and gaining financially, then this LanaTV episode is for you.

You won’t believe how many people in this world think that money is evil and it is morally wrong to become abundant.

If you don’t have money and you want it, then check out this video where I will share:

  • how growing up poor prevented me from allowing myself to want wealth
  • what I learned about honoring money that changed my life forever
  • how you can attract greater abundance with a simple decision
  • steps you can take to improve your money mindset

The two books that I mentioned in the video that I recommend for doing some healing around money are:

1. Overcome Underearning by Barbara Stanny (great for working through blocks in earning more money)

2. Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins (fabulous book to learn how to manage and invest money even if you start with $1)

Now I’d love to hear from you: Do you feel tension between money and spirituality? What limiting beliefs around wealth may be preventing you from living in greater abundance?

Please also share any resources that have been helpful for you to step into greater self-worth and abundance!

I hope that this video will not only help you reach greater prosperity, but will support you in feeling more empowered to live a life that brings you maximal joy and pleasure!

Making it rain,


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