What got you here won’t get you there.

So you’ve done the self-work.

You’ve read books… Practiced meditation… Wrote in gratitude journals… Worked with therapists… And manifested some awesome things.

But you feel blocked from reaching that next level.

Therapy and workshops help, but you don’t leave every session with a breakthrough… not anymore.

When you open your journal, writing feels… uninspired, mundane, even repetitive.

You know it’s possible to manifest miracles, but is it possible… for you?

Yes, there IS much more to life… to your career… to your relationships… but you don’t know how to reach any of it. In fact, you’re wondering if it’s just a bunch of BS.

In other words, you are here, but you dream of being there.

Here is a pretty good career. There is finding your dream partner to share ALL of life.

Here is a “nice” job, a “nice” marriage and a “nice” home. There is feeling totally on purpose and on fire, steaming up the bedroom windows and manifesting your dream home.

Here is looking happy on the outside but battling insecurity. There is manifesting unshakeable confidence in yourself from the inside-out.

Here is good…but not good enough.

So how do you get from here to there?

You could read another book. Go to another workshop. Buy another journal. Find a new therapy group…

And another year will pass. Or five. Or ten.

Maybe you’ll still be here. Maybe you won’t.


You could choose the fastest path to get from here to there

You could join a collective of people going in the same direction who “get it”…

And you could manifest miracles in every area of life without breaking a sweat.

Curious? Interested? Ready?



Turn Your Pain into Gain,
Manifest Miracles and Master Your Life

At Master Your Life Academy,
you’ll create breakthrough after breakthrough in EVERY area of life.


Feel at ease with money. Experience abundance. Wake up every day knowing you have more than enough resources to be the change you wish to see in the world.


Go from “working on” your relationships to actually enjoying them. Fall in love with yourself and watch as every relationship rewards you with the love you deserve.


Finally feel comfortable in your own skin – and clothes – no matter what the scale or label says. Take inspired action and see results of a healthy, fit, sexy, radiant body you love.


Heal old wounds that slow you down. Then pursue your biggest dreams feeling excited, confident and most of all worthy of those dreams.


Say goodbye to feeling overworked and underpaid. Discover your life’s work, shatter the obstacles between here and there and achieve success other people only dream about.

YES! Master Your Life Academy takes you from here to there.

Here’s how…

How the Academy Works

Part 1 – Foundation Course Overview

Build a Foundation to consistently and deliberately manifest miracles.


Leverage the Law Of Attraction to make your biggest dreams come true.


Develop a custom alignment practice to remain at ease no matter what life brings.


Your journey from here to there begins with the Foundation Course, my “graduate level” manifestation program.


I will host a LIVE call to dive deeper into the principles and applications of each Module, give examples and answer specific questions.


I have NEVER offered this many LIVE calls during the Foundation Course before!

Foundation Course Contents


In Module 1, I invite you to assess where you are (and what got you there) and decide where you want to go based on your core needs and true priorities at this time.

Then you will manifest your dream life and best self from the inside-out!

Module 1: starts July 2 with a LIVE CALL on July 12.

Module 1 videos and exercises include:

  • Wheel of Life
  • Core Intentions
  • Formative Life Experiences
  • Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Do & Don’t
  • Gridding Morning Practice


For every problem there is a solution. To access it, you’ll need to enter the solution mind.

In Module 2, you’ll practice slowing down negative momentum while tuning in to your inner guidance and clarity. 

Module 2: starts July 16 with a LIVE CALL on July 26.

Module 2 videos and exercises include:

  • Meditation Overview
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Breath Meditation
  • Self-Worth Meditation
  • Fire Meditation
  • Miracle Journal Practice


In Module 3, you’ll experience four types of visioning and learn who they work best for, when to use them and how.

Get ready to strengthen your imagination and learn new manifesting technology to deliberately shape your future.

Module 3: starts July 30 with a LIVE CALL on August 9.

Module 3 videos and exercises include:

  • Visioning Overview
  • Marry Yourself Ceremony
  • Parallel Reality
  • Creative Expression
  • Visioning Morning Practice


In Module 4, you’ll experiment with my most advanced tools to bring your dreams to reality with written and spoken visioning techniques.

You will share your most powerful visions and tap into the visceral clarity that they bring. You’ll also celebrate your progress in this course as you reflect on how far you’ve come in the foundation course!

Module 4: starts August 13 with a LIVE CALL on August 23.

Module 4 videos and exercises include:

  • Written Visioning
  • Wheel of Life Revisited
  • Spoken Visioning
  • Advanced Morning Practice

The Foundation Course showed me what I need to start implementing in my life so I can truly align with who and live it.

I saw what my blocks were and learned how to work on releasing them.

Instantly I began transitioning into a more abundance and love filled life!

– Aasiyah Ghazi

The Foundation Course has been an anchor for me during a challenging time. It helped me realize and express what is going on, even when it isn’t pretty.

The way that I’ve been learning to accept and love myself more fully is truly incredible.

I adore Lana and the joy and radiance she brings to her teachings!

– Ferris Jay


The Foundation Course has literally rocked my world!

So many amazing things have come to me in the last four weeks that I’ve had to write them down every night to keep track.

I’ve pivoted my entire life into a much higher vibration! This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself – I’ve already returned the investment 10x!

– Melissa Porter Schulze

Part 2 – Master Courses Overview

Master Every Area of Life at YOUR Pace!


The building blocks are laid. Now you’re ready to live life by design – YOUR design!


After the Foundation Course, you’ll unlock a new LIVE Master Courses each month. Get unstuck, replace limiting beliefs with limitless potential and make HUGE changes in that area of life.


MYLA includes Lifetime Access to the entire Master Courses Library.


Expect to invest 2-3 hours per month + 10-15 minutes of daily practice in a Master Course.


Part 2 Master Courses Contents

Your Master Course Library

Self-Love Course

Self-love is the foundation of every good thing in your life. Finally let go of perfectionism. Feel worthy, safe and deserving. Become your own cheerleader and guru!

Abundance Course

Release every conscious and unconscious prosperity block and line up with ever-increasing abundance. Experience a breakthrough 22-day breakthrough process and transcend any wealth limit!

Ease Course

Go from frazzled to flowing over 21 days of soul-soothing meditations, centering practices and realignment tools. Stress, overwhelm and anxiety are optional!

Celebration Course

Celebrate…YOU! You weren’t born to play small. Learn how to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments and your impact—so you can fully receive gifts you have already manifested.

Money Course

Become a wealth magnet and a wise money manager. Transform the way you look at money, turn on the abundance tap and receive your inheritance from the universe!

Self-Parenting Course

Replace deep-rooted beliefs from childhood with empowering truths, rewire your brain and experience the feelings of security, trust and acceptance you’ve always wanted.

Health & Body Course

Renew your mind, heal your body. Allow vibrant health and effortless fitness to manifest as your physical reality.

Romance Course

Overcome fears of being unlovable and patterns of pushing others away. Finally manifest a relationship where you can let a partner love, trust and support you fully.

Vision Course

Create a master vision for your life, and then align your life with this vision. You’ll explode with inspired action that creates massive results!

Each Master Course Includes

Powerful Exercises

Every video and easy-to-use worksheet will show you how to:

  • Master proven manifesting and healing techniques
  • Unblock every area where you haven’t seen results
  • Uproot deep-seated negative beliefs and integrate new empowering core beliefs

Practical Challenges

A daily challenge practice in the Facebook group will help you:

  • Put focus and take actions toward your intentions every day
  • Share about your progress and learn from others doing the practices
  • Stay inspired and feel supported to do the transformational work

Monthly Coaching

During LIVE Q&A calls with Lana you will:

  • Ask questions to gain clarity and receive direct support and coaching
  • Be inspired by other’s experiences, breakthroughs and manifestations
  • Go deeper into advanced self-mastery and the science of deliberate creation

Guided Visualizations

Over a dozen Master Course downloadable visualizations will help you:

  • Shift your point of attraction, transform self-limits and train your success mindset
  • Create a new reality that’s a preview of what’s to come in your future
  • Allow ease, trust and simplicity in manifesting anything you desire



Lana’s Academy has been an absolute life-changing experience for me.

If you would have told me I could go from having suicidal thoughts to feeling abundant and fulfilled in a matter of a year, I would not have believed you. When I joined MYLA, I felt disillusioned, unhappy, and really uncertain of my path.

In the Academy, I did  some solid work on learning Law of Attraction, self-forgiveness, following my emotional guidance and trusting my choices, etc.

Then I knew it was time to work on my money mindset.

I began imagining a million dollars in my bank account as part of the visioning exercises. I didn’t think it would happen, but I didn’t doubt that it could. It was a fun little scenario that played out in my head just because it felt good.

Fast forward to last month… I inherited 1.25 MILLION DOLLARS!

To sum it up, I’ve gone from a disillusioned graduate student who was depressed, on the wrong path, and in constant pain to becoming an abundant, happy, thriving millionaire entrepreneur!

Yes, miracles DO happen, and I am the living manifestation of that miracle!

– Jennifer Woods

Meet Your People!

  • PEOPLE who “get it.”
  • PEOPLE who won’t judge.
  • PEOPLE who offer encouragement and support.
  • PEOPLE who celebrate your breakthroughs with you.
  • PEOPLE who transform your social media feed with high-vibes and inspiration.

 …and the Community Managers!

In addition to Lana and her technical team, we have two dedicated Community Managers in the Academy!

They offer day-to-day support, resources and inspiration.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Rodd is a school counselor with a Degree in Psychology, Music and Teaching. She’s also a certified Life Coach and dance instructor.

Amanda lives in Newcastle, Australia with her husband and three kids. She loves supporting the Academy participants in their journey from ‘I have a vision’ to ‘I have arrived’!

Meet Angela

Angela Santo is a​ database developer with a degree i​n Computer System Networking Technology. Angela lives in Seattle with her three dogs and husband.​

As a fire performer, she loved to “light it up”!​ MYLA rocked her world and she loves supporting the same transformation for others in the Academy!​


“I’ve gotten way more out of MYLA than I paid because…”

Meet Lana

These days, I can’t help but shout from the rooftops how awesome I am and how much I love my life!

But that wasn’t always the case.

I was born in communist Russia.

Our family of four occupied one tiny room in a very gray world. When I was 12, we moved to the United States with very high hopes for the future.

I worked my BUTT off to fulfill the immigrant’s dream.

I graduated top of my class at UC Berkeley in Economics, then landed a high-paying corporate job.

But I wasn’t happy. Hard work earned me a lot of shiny toys, but I collapsed into unchangeable sadness.

To the outside world, I HAD ARRIVED… but I hated everything about the life I’d created. I hated myself. I felt broken.

I was “here” – I wanted to be “there.”

So I quit the “American Dream” and went on a silent meditation retreat.

During that 10-day retreat, I dove deep into learning how to live a happy life, and EVERYTHING changed rapidly.

I entered into the most intense spiritual study. I transformed myself. I shifted so significantly that my life moved into a parallel universe… a new normal… “there.”

My JOB became turning my past pain into gain, manifesting miracles and mastering my life.

I want that for you, too!

When you master your life, there is no more room for self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs. You are FREE to be who you are and live life on your own terms!

That’s not only possible for you… it’s your destiny!