This week’s Lana TV episode was going to be called V-Day + Vibrators, but I thought that it may give you the wrong idea.

Because more than talking about self-pleasure in this video, I want to talk about self-love.

Last year around Valentine’s Day, I shared with you in this post why marrying myself was the GREATEST thing I could have done to manifest my dream relationship.

I led a powerful online Marry Yourself Ceremony for over 400 people and now that ceremony is a part of the Foundation Course in the Master Your Life Academy (where it’s still getting rave reviews – one participant recently manifested an amazing man literally the day after she did this ceremony!).

This year, I just want to drop some truth bombs on you!

Check out this LanaTV episode where I will:

  • debunk the myth of prince (or princess) charming
  • share with you the ONE and ONLY reason why you may feel alone without a relationship
  • ask you the three questions that are vital for you to answer in order to manifest your ideal partner
  • offer you a practical tool to attract your dream mate and maintain an aligned relationship

I hope this video has given you some food for thought about how you can attract your perfect partner.

Before you know it you will be in the greatest relationship you’ve ever imagined, praising life for answering all of your prayers!!

And if you’d love to enter the vibrational frequency that will match your dream relationship, I hope you’ll check out the Master Your Life Academy where we have a month-long master course on romantic partnerships!

Now I’d love to hear from you: What did you think of this LanaTV episode? How can you apply it to your life to manifest an amazing relationship (or strengthen the one you’re already in)?

Can’t wait to chat in the comments below!

In Joy,



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