A few weeks ago I shared this video on Facebook that resonated with SO many of you and went viral, with over 40 shares and thousands of views within days.  I wanted to share it here just in case you missed it (or if you want a reminder of this powerful message)!

Do NOT make this huge mistake and block happiness!!!!!!!

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Posted by Lana Shlafer on Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I was so stressed out over things in my business falling through the cracks  that I started having nightmares that someone was chasing me. I would wake up the next day with just this bad feeling washing over me, feeling anxious and fearful.

But after reflecting, I realized that more than anything the dreams reminded me that I come from a family of survivors.

My grandmother was worried if she would have anything to eat, and I was worried about a typo in an email?

Putting it in to that perspective it just seemed so ridiculous.

So I refocused on being grateful for the insignificant ‘problem’s in my life. And for feeling that I can overcome anything. I am bigger than any problem.

So my question to you is: Are you sweating the small stuff?  

If yes, stop. Everything in your life can be looked at as the “small stuff”.

Don’t sweat anything that doesn’t threaten your well being. Don’t let the tiny, little things that go wrong steal the sunshine.

Count your blessings. Celebrate the little things. Celebrate the big things. Look at the bigger perspective and come back to a place of appreciating and celebrating!

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