This week I’m excited to bring you a taste of my Manifesting Miracles workshop and invite you to a FREE online version of this workshop!

I have already shared a lot of great examples of creating miracles in my own life, like my twin home birth story and finding our dream home.

Today I wanted to share the story of how I manifested my ideal relationship with my husband.

For years, I didn’t even believe it was possible for me. I didn’t see great examples of marriages that I wanted to emulate growing up. Moreover, I felt broken and unworthy of unconditional love and worried that I’ll never feel whole.

So how did we manage to create the kind of relationship that rocks our world on a daily basis?

Watch this video to see the three main steps to manifesting any miracle in your life!



1. I had to be unreasonable.  Even though I didn’t see healthy relationships around me, I dared to believe that I could create one.  I trusted that me finding my own happiness will lead to a thriving partnership.

You too will  have to be unreasonable if you want to create something in your life that your reason hasn’t seen you live yet.

2. I recognized that everything is divine. And was happening for my own good. Even in the middle of contrast (we broke up twice!), I knew that this was all a part of my journey to an exquisitely magnificent relationship.

Until you embrace that you are either 1) where you want to be or 2) you’re on your way there (and those are the only two choices), you will be putting cogs in your own wheels of manifestation and feeling frustrated.

3. Then I had to allow. I started learning how to soothe, embrace and love myself, instead of trying to solve every problem. I realized that finding a solution was not about beating down the issues, it was about stepping into the solution mindset.

Today I love my so much more every day than I ever imagined possible!  And it’s not because of him. 

Our relationship is ideal because I’ve become the best version of myself in our interaction.

Everything in my life has flourished because of the powerful transformation catalyzed by our union and for that I am eternally grateful.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What did you think about the three steps to Manifesting Miracles that I briefly described? At which of those steps have you gotten ‘stuck’ before? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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