The unassisted home birth for my third child {almost} broke me.

I was already an experienced ‘birther’. Our extraordinary twin birth story 6 years ago went viral (read it here).

After having the twins at home 33 hours apart, I felt invincible and all-powerful – like a super woman!

But the recent birth of my son Haelan was very different. It left me feeling all too aware of my humanity and my limitations.

We wanted to do an unassisted home birth because it felt like the next natural step.

My husband and I read up and watched movies about orgasmic birthing and unassisted labor and were feeling excited about the possibility of bringing our baby into this world the same way that this being was created – the two of us coming together in love.

For obvious reasons, it seemed much more appealing to be alone for this type of birth. (We aren’t into threesomes, lol!)

But what happened was far different, and more powerful for me.

I believe that every woman has the perfect birth experience that she co-creates with her child for the evolution of both souls.

This was certainly one big leap in growth for me!

The experience was so life-altering for me that I tried for weeks to write it down and couldn’t. There were just too many emotions that I couldn’t quite put into words.

So I decided to let my friend and energy coach Tina Devine interview me about this birth.

Enjoy this LanaTV episode where I share:

  • why I completely freaked out and felt like I wanted to die during the birth
  • how this birth ended up being far more assisted than I imagined
  • the unexpected consequences of going beyond your breaking point into deep surrender
  • the culprit, Haelan (he is in this episode with me)!

A special thank you to my amazing friend and Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Siva Mohan for being the kind of support for me during this birth that I never imagined possible!

After you watch this episode, I’d love to hear about your experience with surrender and breaking down to break through. And if you’ve given birth, I’d love to know what were the biggest lessons that you took away.

Thank you so much for watching this LanaTV episode which shows an intimate glimpse into my life.

Please feel free to share with those who could benefit from hearing about birthing and surrender in a conscious way!