What is the Law of Attraction and, most importantly, why should you care?

In my view, it is the most powerful way to move through life and deliberately achieve joy, ease, abundance, and accelerated self-realization.

If you desire to live a truly optimal life, the Law of Attraction explains the mechanics of how you can become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

But it’s not about rhetoric, it’s about practice.

In today’s episode of Lana TV, I’m sharing three practical tips you can use to start practicing the Law of Attraction, and see how changing your perspective will change your life.

I encourage you to start trying these practical applications in your own life, so you can start to see how the Law of Attraction can move out of spiritual mumbo jumbo and into a practical life philosophy that gets you where you want to go.

Did this help clarify the Law of Attraction for you? How are you feeling inspired to start using your manifestation muscles? Leave a comment and let me know!

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