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Hi, I’m Lana. Thank you for stopping by!

My main focus in life is helping people realize just how powerful they are. Some may feel that blessings are bestowed upon us. I know that I make my own miracles… and so can you!

Over my career, I’ve worked in investment banking, nonprofit organizations and health & fitness centers.

For over a decade, I dedicated my life to coaching tens of thousands of people through online programs, live events and video courses. I’m the author of the best-selling book Manifest That Miracle that helps people learn why they don’t have what they want and how to get it.

The last few years I focused on real-estate investing, angel investing and consulting.

And my latest adventure is co-founding Plunsana: Florida’s premier indoor and outdoor sauna, cold plunge and red light therapy center in the heart of St. Pete. So you can say I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur… and I’m just getting started!

My most important role is that of a mom to my three amazing children. My kids are my greatest source of inspiration and most powerful teachers.

My husband is a phenomenal human who I am proud to share my life with. He’s currently managing our investment properties, flipping homes and working as a rock-star agent at EXP Reality.

I’m currently working on opening more Plunsana centers and coaching a few clients who want to manifest miracles in their lives.

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