This program has been totally life-changing. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that I’ve manifested!

I’m extremely grateful for the inspiring group of people in the program and for Lana!

Before, I had a hard time raising my vibration and I couldn’t control how I felt or what I experienced in life. But now I’m in charge and my life reflects it!

– Emily Perron Sandager

Through the Master Your Life Academy, I’ve manifested new friends, dinner invitations, gifts, new clients and more – without trying!

I feel a huge boost in my relationship with myself, like any bumpy edges got sanded away.

I never thought I would shift as much as I did. Everything is easier once I’m aligned. I feel so validated and worthy…. and it feels amazing!

– Danna Vincent

The biggest thing I’ve gained from the Academy is feeling empowered and having the ability to take any situation, even a bad one, and turn it around.

In one of the meditations, I had a very special moment with my father who transitioned. It’s like my senses have opened up and I feel more connected to everything in my life.

I now have so many wonderful tools at my disposal. And these success practices have become a habit, which is priceless!

– Brigid Ward

Deciding to invest in a MasterMind with Lana was quite literally life changing. I stepped into a version of myself with such power and clarity I surprised myself.

This was all made possible through next level support and guidance from Lana. All the visions I focused on during the MasterMind event came true within a year:

  • I wrote a book and signed a book deal with my dream publisher.
  • I hosted my first retreat and finally crossed six-figures in my business.
  • I got pregnant effortlessly and had an epic homebirth.
  • And most importantly, I became the leader I knew I could be.

The MasterMind changed the entire game for me and I will be forever grateful!

– Suzy Ashworth

Through this course I’ve felt more INTO life instead of just being blah.

I’m not as stressed about the direction of my business. I’m taking small actions daily and it’s helping tremendously!

I’ve been doing the practices when I first wake up in the morning and it helps me remember that I can pause and re-center at anytime.

This course is not time-consuming yet super effective.

– Allison Sharpe

It happened again. Mind was racing, got projects coming out of my ears, events to confirm… feeling overwhelm and no time.

And there it was. Lana’s ease meditation. God bless you Lana!!

It took 4 minutes and I tuned myself right back to feeling ease and appreciation. Enough to get through my day without getting any more grey hairs.

Now I’m in charge of my mind and life!

– Seema Sodha

I just wanted to let you know that only after the first few days of the Ease Course I have never felt more blissful and in the flow!

I have been the typical type A personality for as long as I can remember! I still have 100 million things going on – but the stress and worry just isn’t there any more.

I am now a better mother (less shouting), a calmer wife (not bitter) and I have fallen more in love with my life. Oh, and I quit sugar and I haven’t missed it one bit. Thank you! You rock!

– Melissa Matulka

Lana’s Academy has been an absolute life-changing experience for me.

If you would have told me I could go from having suicidal thoughts to feeling abundant and fulfilled in a matter of a year, I would not have believed you. When I joined MYLA, I felt disillusioned, unhappy, and really uncertain of my path.

In the Academy, I did some solid work on learning Law of Attraction, self-forgiveness, following my emotional guidance and trusting my choices, etc.

Then I knew it was time to work on my money mindset.

I began imagining a million dollars in my bank account as part of the visioning exercises. I didn’t think it would happen, but I didn’t doubt that it could. It was a fun little scenario that played out in my head just because it felt good.

Fast forward to last month… I inherited 1.25 MILLION DOLLARS!

To sum it up, I’ve gone from a disillusioned graduate student who was depressed, on the wrong path, and in constant pain to becoming an abundant, happy, thriving millionaire entrepreneur!

Yes, miracles DO happen, and I am the living manifestation of that miracle!

– Jennifer Woods

I did the free Manifest Miracles Challenge and it blew my mind! I really wanted to sign up for the Academy, but money had been tight.

I listened to the meditation you gave us then met with my dad. He handed me THREE $100 bills to do whatever I want with – that has never ever happened!

So, I signed up for Academy of course!!!

Now the money manifestations keep coming, but more than that my marriage has improved and I feel like a whole new person!

– Janel Cruz

Since I started the Academy 2 months ago, I exercise almost daily, invest in self-care and prioritize my own needs.

The result? My business is the most consistent in years and my income has grown. Plus, I feel so much more freedom!

I now see the world through such a unique and empowering perspective.

I am so GRATEFUL to be on this journey within the safety of such a kind and loving community!

THANK YOU Lana for creating this amazing program!

– Chrissy Radeleff Follis

I was hesitant to join Lana’s Academy. Would it truly be worth the time and financial investment?

Three months in, I can tell you it’s worth every cent… and more!

Lana oozes passion and genuine kindness. Her approach to living a more aligned and abundant life is simple and profound.

She’ll introduce you to extremely powerful practices that are easy to understand and don’t take a ton of time, but reap immense rewards.

It’s truly a leading-edge program, that comes with an incredible tribe that I’m honored to be a part of!

– Annalicia Lynn

Just a year ago I was where you are, considering whether I was worth investing in, wandering whether my dreams were important and questioning whether this program would actually work for me.

After 5 minutes of talking to Lana I knew the answer was HELL YES. That was one of the best decisions of my life!

In just 3 months I manifested over 6-figures and sold everything I own to embark on a journey of international travel as a location independent entrepreneur. Masterminding allowed me to dream big and the group amplified and reflected back to me that it was possible. They saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself.

They encouraged and supported every step of the way. I stepped into a whole new me and a new reality that I have only dreamed about before.

I still want to pinch myself – my new normal is photoshoots in California or deciding whether to go on a cruise in the Caribbean (that I manifested for free) or play in Miami!

I continue to mastermind monthly using the techniques that Lana taught us. Life just gets better and better and I can’t wait to see what is next for me!

– Tina Devine

I’ve seen epic shifts since the MasterMind! I keep receiving money from the most unexpected sources – it’s like I’m a money magnet now!

My relationship with my partner is so much stronger, more loving and more fun – a miracle! And I’ve received so many opportunities to grow my business like speak at a conference and do interviews!

I’m over the moon and I am grateful for the MasterMind and all the amazing women that have encouraged me to keep going. I feel so limitless now!

–  Karina De La Cruz

I joined the MasterMind to be around people that speak the same language and want to grow and thrive in their lives.

After the MasterMind, the business I wanted started manifesting effortlessly in front of my bewildered eyes!

Now my workshops are filling up and I’m attracting the perfect clients! And my alignment got so much stronger, more dominant and more stable!!!!!

THANK YOU for everything you’ve taught me and for this amazing MasterMind, Lana!

– Mor Leibovich

I’ve upleveled in so much since the MasterMind!

My requests for financial independence have been answered. Even my legal bills were miraculously reduced!

You showed me that I can feel LOVE without a man in my life! And my vision of holidaying in a stilted thatched cottage over the Indian Ocean has manifested early too!

Lana – you’re a genius! Your passion, enthusiasm and energy are infectious. You have a rare talent to inspire people to believe that dreams do come true!

– Marissa Jeffrey

Over the last year in the Academy I’ve upleveled so much! This community is a daily reminder of what’s possible.


I finally learned to budget, did my taxes for the first time and changed my money story. I no longer have overdraft fees or overdue credit card payments. I feel empowered about money.

I made friends with my creativity. I let go of the pressure to meet external standards of success. I no longer let fear hold me back.

I have learned to tune into my own Truth. This has given me so much freedom, because I dropped the “shoulds” and replaced them with what delights me.

I am living proof that circumstances do not need to dictate how I feel. Having been through small tornadoes this year, I now KNOW that it’s never about avoiding contrast, it’s about having such a strong foundation of WELL-BEING in my core that nothing can shake me.

I learned how patient, relentless, compassionate, dedicated, loving, fierce, and PHENOMENAL I AM. Like I can’t even get enough of myself!

I am so blessed to keep mastering this way of life, continuing to uncover the jewels within me and enjoy the gifts of this universe!

Life is freaking BEAUTIFUL! And it only gets better. Cheers to starting the best year of YOUR LIFE!

–  Fawzia Aldjazair

After my 14 year marriage ended, my finances were a mess, I was living with my parents and life felt daunting as a single parent.

I knew finding the right home for my sons and I was going to be imperative to establish a new normal.

I watched Lana manifest one dream home after another so I decided to put her proven methods to the test.

Just 3 months after the Dream Home Masterclass, I found the perfect house – with a white picket fence!

I had very little money saved and did not have the details worked out, but I manifested miracle after miracle.

It was unbelievable to experience all the pieces falling into place so effortlessly! I love my home and feel so empowered to manifest more of what I want!

–  Kasie Uyeno

Recently my life was full of transitions … kids coming of age, moving across state lines, the end of long term commitments.

I needed to find a new place to call home that felt so right I would wake up every day grateful.

Lana helped me achieve just that!

I moved from a cramped dank apartment, to a spacious, luxury townhome with every amenity possible – in less than 3 months.

And I moved in with less than $1000 cash.

So I’m sitting here, in total gratitude remembering all the tips and tricks that Lana taught me to lean into the life I wanted to have. It worked!

Lana walks the walk and sets the perfect example of how to step UP and INTO the life and home of your dreams!

– JoAnne Hopkins

As a massage therapist, the space where I see my clients is my home away from home.

Recently I had to give up the room I’d rented for 4 years.

I was tossed into the competitive San Francisco market with a very short time to find a new space.

Lana taught me to design my vision and ease through the search and trust the process.

So when I saw the perfect place, I had to say YES! This gorgeous, luxurious new workspace even came furnished, which is unheard of in my area!

Before working with Lana, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to leap that high, or see the signals saying “this is right.”

Now I feel like I’ve taken my business, my clients, and my sense of self to a whole new level!

– Helena Teply-Figman

Before I manifested my dream home, I was living in an apartment that was ANYTHING but great. Drab white walls, ugly beige carpet, it wasn’t at all my style. It felt cloistering and stifling. I felt anxious in that space.

I was familiar with manifesting, but despite knowing what to do, I realized I had a block. I felt unworthy of my dream place.

I felt incapable of making it a reality: we had no money to put down, only I was working with my husband prepping for grad school, and we wanted to move to the Oregon Coast, which is a highly competitive market.

But I am blessed to know Lana and I decided to learn how she manifest her dream homes.

I learned from her how to bring in a visioning practice that was vivid and visceral. I saw myself standing in my living room looking at the ocean. I felt the gratitude, the deservingness, the pleasure of the vision.

I did practices she teaches to let go of needing to “earn” the house or figure out the how. Lo and behold, the perfect house showed up for sale! Despite overwhelming odds, every miracle fell into place.

We manifested moving into it in less than 3 months…. a truly whirlwind pace for this area!

And the best part was that it was easy! While there were some bumpy/scary spots along the way, it always felt like a done deal and I was able to keep faith that the house (or something better) would be ours.

It was a beautiful experience of stepping into a new level of clarity, trust and worthiness. And now I get to live in my dream home as a cherry on top!

–  Erin-Ashley Kerti

Before joining the Academy, I was in transition from leaving my job to going full time with my business.

My biggest worry was: how will I get clients? I had a few, but nothing major.

As a result of the program, I’ve done a complete 180 and feel like I’m on fire!

A few months into the Academy, I:

  • Went full time in my business
  • Have new happy clients who I love
  • Moved to a bigger office space
  • Hired help to keep moving forward

I’m SOOOOO GRATEFUL! Can’t wait to see what other amazing things I will create in my life!

–  Mary Alvizures

I joined the Master Your Life Academy because I trusted Lana’s ability to lead and inspire and I knew I would benefit tremendously.

I wanted to eliminate negative thought patterns that I had developed, but I wasn’t even sure it was possible.

The significant improvement in my overall mental wellness, awareness of abundance and appreciation for what I have is nothing short of miraculous!

Before the Academy, I would never have imagined I’d be able to shift so drastically in such a short time.

To anyone on the fence about joining, I would say “Go for it”. I’m 100% sure you will realize it was a great decision!

– Scott Wellington

Since joining the Master Your Life Academy I have SO MUCH celebration happening in my life!

My relationships with family members are becoming what I always desired.

The relationship with my ideal man is back and stronger than ever – a miracle!

I love how my life is unfolding day to day, moment to moment. My days flow much more naturally, easily, and abundantly!

I feel invincible because no matter what happens I know how to go back to feeling hopeful, empowered and aligned. And solutions follow! Can’t wait to see what I manifest next!

– Selena Delesie

When I joined the Academy, I had really low energy and felt miserable. I knew there had to be a different way.

I went into the Academy whole-hog. I tried all of the different techniques and practices. I was super active in the Facebook group so I could make the shifts.

Then, a breakthrough showed up for me in a major way during the Abundance course. Suddenly, it all made sense.

I was *already* the richest b!tch on the planet! Because I’m me and there is no one else like me.

This made me value myself more and inspired me to change my area of expertise. As soon as I began offering this, the clients just showed up.

I could never have imagined all of these shifts could take place in just a few short months after signing up!

I joined because I wanted to have a chiropractic adjustment for my life, to get to that clicked-in place where things are just easier.

I’ve gotten that, AND I’ve completely changed direction in my business to something that feels light, effortless, and abundant.

Thank you, Lana, I’m a true fan!

–  Julia Minden

Lana has created such a fun, powerful and interactive program – the shifts and transformations I’ve experienced are endless!

I love all the wonderful tools that I’m now armed with to release the suffering that has plagued me in the past.

–  Sheryll Hahn

Just 4 weeks after signing up for the Academy, I saw a tremendous shift in everything — work, energy, physical health, you name it.

Lana gives you the tools to work on yourself and improve your life, and a community with which to share your progress and ask for help! That’s priceless.

– Natalia Real

This program is helping me discover so many new ways of aligning myself to the life I desire and manifesting my dreams.

The level of excitement and sharing that happens in the Facebook group is incredible and keeps me inspired to do the work each and every day!

– Mandy Leonardo

I was going through a huge life transition. After years of running a business and raising a family, my husband wanted to retire and enjoy more time off together. This made me feel very uncomfortable and I was unable to figure out why.

During the MasterMind, I realized that my self-worth and identity were very much wrapped up in my work… the thought of moving away brought fear and an identity crisis.

I voiced both my desires and fears and visualized stepping into the new me and it was life changing! The support and encouragement of my MasterMind sisters has lifted me into the most amazing place.

I feel worthy, I feel beautiful, I feel excited… I feel like a better version of me!

I’ve found an enjoyable work/life balance. I’ve let go of trying to control everything and that release has given me the ultimate freedom.

I still mastermind monthly with my group 2 years later. Each conversation takes me deeper and peels back more layers of self-love and allowing.

Thank you Lana! This has been one of the best investments I have ever made!

–  Dr. Judith Lennaerts

The Foundation Course showed me what I need to start implementing in my life so I can truly align with who and live it.

I saw what my blocks were and learned how to work on releasing them.

Instantly I began transitioning into a more abundant and love-filled life!

–  Aasiyah Ghazi

The Foundation Course has been such an anchor for me during a challenging time. It helped me realize and express what is going on for me, even when it isn’t pretty.

The way that I’ve been learning to accept and love myself more fully is truly incredible.

I adore Lana and the joy and radiance she brings to her teachings!

– Ferris Jay

The Foundation Course has literally rocked my world!

So many amazing things have come to me in the last four weeks that I’ve had to write them down every night to keep track.

I’ve pivoted my entire life into a much higher vibration! This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself – I’ve already returned the investment 10x!

– Melissa Porter Schulze

I’ve worked with many different coaches over the years. Yet recently I felt stagnant.

I’d been wanting to continue my exploration of self-love, abundance, prosperity… and Lana’s program seemed like the place to do just that.

After three months in Master Your Life Academy, I feel positively effervescent!

The members group is wildly supportive. I can voice my emotions and get instant feedback from many people who are soaring in their own lives.

Lana has been very present in our Facebook group, to the extent that I feel like she knows me!

The monthly courses have been, in a word, transformative.

I’m blown away by the manifestations that have already occurred – thousands of dollars, gifts, the best first date I’ve ever had!

And every day I allow more.

I place a very high value on my time. I’m not the type to dabble with something that doesn’t create significant shifts in my life.

The Academy has been a fantastic enhancement to my world!

The best part? It’s FUN.

–  Jennifer Hritz