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Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach, podcast host of the Manifest That Miracle podcast and author of the book Manifest That Miracle: Learn Why You Don’t Have What You Want and How to Get It.

Over the past decade, she has empowered thousands to manifest what seems out of reach, including crossing 7-figures in their business, healing from a chronic illness, and meeting their ideal partner.

Lana’s energetic personality and no holds barred coaching has been featured in Forbes, TVOne and NPR. Lana studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

She lives her dreams in Puerto Rico with her amazing husband, three magical kids, and can usually be found dancing wildly around her house and hosting champagne-popping celebrations for even the smallest moments in life.



‘Fear To Freedom’ Event Reel – City Of Hope

Appearance on R&B Divas LA Show – TVOne



  •  Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, sharing the mindset for manifesting miracles
  • The Sigrun Show, discussing self-worth, self-sabotage and how to master yourself
  • Lead With Love with Jadah Sellner, sharing how to release resistance and love haters


  • More than 40,000 followers on social media and email list
  • 20,000+ participants in Manifesting Challenges 
  • Over 1,000 students in premium courses

Discussion topics


  • Daily rituals that open you up to solve unsolvable problems
  • How to use obstacles to your advantage


  • You don’t need to eradicate negative thoughts to manifest
  • Pragmatic approaches to using the law of attraction to achieve your big visions


  • Why self-partnering is a foundation to all healthy relationships
  • How to meet your soulmate and have an epic partnership


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