I’ve manifested dream homes against all odds!

Tour the amazing home that I manifested in just 4 days!


I’m so excited to invite you to a Masterclass that will teach you everything you’ll need to wake up in your perfect home!

I did not grow up in luxury.

I grew up in Russia and lived in one room with my brother and parents.

Literally, ONE room, with a communal kitchen and bathroom down the hall. Like a dorm room.

I was 12 when we came to the US.  I saw big, gorgeous, luxury homes for the first time and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I didn’t even dare to dream that someday I would live in them and feel wealthy and worthy.

We lived in little apartments while my parents got on their feet in a totally new country. But by the time I was in college, I had decided that I was gonna work hard and ‘make it’.

I wanted to live this perfect life, earning 6-figures working somewhere fabulous, being married to a Ken-doll and (of course), living in a big picket fence house with my 2.5 kids.

After a few years in the corporate environment, I felt burned out and confused about why money and success didn’t bring me happiness.

After a few ‘failed’ relationships that repeated unhealthy patterns I saw in my childhood, I felt totally disenchanted with marriage.

So I had a quarter-life crisis and spent the last 10 years understanding what makes me happy.

I’ve studied yogic philosophy, transpersonal and positive psychology and Law Of Attraction to learn how to deliberately create a life that not only looks successful from the outside, but actually feels successful on the inside.

Now I share my knowledge and experience and help others manifest an epic, truly happy and meaningful life!

I’ve manifested some incredible things!

The Man Of My Dreams!

Or more like I married a nice dude, and then deliberately created an amazing relationship with him. 🙂

He’s not only an incredible father, provider and lover, but he is just as passionate about living life by design as I am!


A Happy Family!

I gave birth to twins at home (born over 33 hours apart} which taught me just how powerful I am.

Then I got pregnant effortlessly and had an amazing unassisted home birth with my third baby. Now I practice aligned parenting and love how my kids only enhance my sense of freedom, abundance and joy!


A Rocking Body!

One of my greatest manifestations is feeling amazing in my body and effortlessly staying fit and radiant.

I’m proud to have completely healed body dysmorphia and binge eating. I’ve been pregnant twice and I feel and look better now than ever! I eat and exercise intuitively and joyously and love my body!

Emily Perron Sandagar

Multiple-Six Figure Business!

Nothing makes me happier than helping people go from ‘I have a vision’ to ‘I have arrived’!

In 4 years, I’ve turned my part-time business into a thriving company dedicated to teaching manifesting, therapeutic and mindset tools to thousands around the world.

Danna Vincent

Million Dollar Homes!

I’ve lived on top of a hill with a sweeping view of the ocean, in a beach bungalow next door to the bay and keep finding incredible deals on luxury houses in highly-desirable areas.

From a tiny bathroom in our first home 6 years ago to Jacuzzi bathtubs and double showers, I can’t believe how easy it’s become to manifest my next perfect place!

Bridgid Ward

How Does This Help You?

That’s why you’re here, right? 😉

I’m sharing all this not to brag, but to let you know that the Dream Home Masterclass I’m inviting you to is about so much more than just getting into your ideal house.

It has to be! Because in order to manifest your biggest desires (including a dream home), you’ll need to:

Learn to Feel Worthy & Deserving!

That’s what opens the door to all the manifestations to flow in.

Otherwise, your visions are knocking, but you can’t hear and let them in.

Grow Your Vision

You only want what you want because you think it will make you feel better.

But you can connect with that desired feeling and live it in your mind way before you hold it in your hand. That’s manifesting mastery!

Appreciate Where You Are

If you learn to accept where you are and enjoy each step of where you’re going, then you’re not in such a rush to get anywhere.

And that’s when you are in playful receptive mode where the solutions and manifestations chase YOU!

Get There Faster!

In the Masterclass, I’ll help you understand how to achieve these mindset shifts.

Learn practical tools to manifest not just your dream home, but your dream life!

This Could Be You!

“I was living in an apartment that was ANYTHING but great. Drab white walls, ugly beige carpet… It felt cloistering and stifling.

I was familiar with manifesting, but realized I had a block. I felt incapable of making my dream home a reality.

We had no money to put down, only I was working with my husband prepping for grad school, and we wanted to move to a highly competitive Oregon Coast area.

I saw Lana’s Dream Home Masterclass and decided to give it a try.

I learned how to bring in a visioning practice that was visceral. I saw myself standing in my living room looking at the ocean. I felt the gratitude, the deservingness, the pleasure of the vision. 

I did the practices she teaches to let go of needing to “earn” the house or figure out the how. 

Lo and behold, the perfect house showed up for sale! Despite overwhelming odds, every miracle fell into place.

We moved into it in less than 3 months…. a truly whirlwind pace for this area!

And the best part was that it was easy! While there were some bumps along the way, it always felt like a done deal and I was able to keep faith that the house (or something better) would be ours.

Though this training I stepped into a new level of clarity, trust and worthiness. And now I get to live in my dream home!”

– Erin-Ashley Kerti



Imagine your dream home. Except it’s not on your vision board but right in front of you.

And you’ve got the keys right in your hands! {Do you hear the jingling?}

“I cant believe it! WOW, it’s real! I get to live here!” 

These are the thoughts going through your mind as you are jumping up and down with joy.

And looking back you realize how much easier it was to manifest than you made it out to be. Now those mindset blocks and excuses seem silly!

“This is so much bigger than my last place… Ooh, what kind of furniture should I get for the living room? OMG, this space is perfect for a party!”

And now you’re off and running to make your new house a home. Soon this manifestation won’t seem as exciting because it has become your new normal.

Then it’s time to dream some bigger dreams!

But You May Be Thinking…

This is nice Lana, but I have all these limitations (circle all that apply):

Can’t afford it
Have bad credit
Don't have a job
In debt
Stuck in lease/mortgage
Not just my decision
Too much responsibility
No time to look
Can't find what I want
Hate moving
Have pets
Feel stressed

And the list just goes on and on….

But none of these objections need to prevent you from manifesting your dream home. Where there is a will, there is a way… You just need to see the path and take one inspired step at a time.

Hear below from these clients that I helped manifest their dream homes and offices, against all odds!

It’s Possible For You Too!

When you change your thoughts, you change your life.

You’ll have your dream house eventually, but you can thrive instantly!

This Could Be You!

Kasie Uyeno

“My world as I knew it had completely gone belly up after my 14 year marriage ended, my finances were a mess, and I was living with my parents.

Life felt daunting as I was learning life as a single parent.

I knew finding the right home for my sons and I was going to be imperative to establish a new normal.

I watched Lana manifest one dream home after another so I decided to put her proved her methods to the test.

Just 3 months after the Dream Home Masterclass, I found the perfect house – complete with a white picket fence!

I had very little money saved and certainly did not have the details worked out, but I manifested miracle after miracle

It was unbelievable to experience all the pieces falling into place so effortlessly! I love my home and feel so empowered to manifest more of what I want!”

– Kasie Uyeno

Chrissy Radeleff Follis

“Recently my life was full of transitions … kids coming of age, moving across state lines, the end of long term commitments.

I needed to find a new place to call home that felt so right I would wake up every day grateful. 

Lana helped me achieve just that!

I moved from a cramped dank apartment, to a spacious, luxury townhome with every amenity possible in less than 3 months.

And I moved in with less than $1000 cash.

So I’m sitting here, in total gratitude remembering all the tips and tricks that Lana taught me to lean into the life I wanted to have. It worked!

Lana walks the walk and sets the perfect example of how to step UP and INTO the life and home of your dreams!”

– JoAnne Hopkins

Helena TF

“As a massage therapist, the space where I see my clients is my home away from home.

Recently I had to give up the room I’d rented for 4 years.

I was tossed into the competitive San Francisco market with a very short time to find a new space.

Lana taught me to design my vision and ease through the search and trust the process.

So when I saw the perfect place, I had to say YES! This gorgeous, luxurious new workspace even came furnished, which is unheard of in my area!

Before working with Lana, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to leap that high, or see the signals saying “this is right.”

Now I feel like I’ve taken my business, my clients, and my sense of self to a whole new level!”

– Helena Teply-Figman

Ready to manifest your dream home?

This powerful training is about so much more than just manifesting your dream home. It’s about mastering your mindset and deliberately creating an amazing life!

The training webinars were recorded with a live audience in April 2017. Get access to both masterclass recordings including the deep dive Q&A sessions! 

What’s Included:

TWO 2.5 Hour Video Trainings
Workbook With Exercises For Masterclass
'Dream Home' Guided Visualization MP3
BONUS: 'Celebrate Your Vision' Visualization MP3
BONUS: 'I Am Worthy' Meditation MP3
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Professional Bio

Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach, speaker and founder of the Master Your Life Academy. She studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and is a trained success coach and yoga teacher (RYT 500).

After the hombirth of her twins (born 33 hours apart), Lana realized her passion didn’t lie in being a therapist. Instead, she wanted to teach how to use the law of attraction and mindset techniques to deliberately create miracles.

She started her online coaching business in 2012 and built a thriving company that offers online courses, live events and high-level MasterMind programs. She has been featured on television and in popular publications such as TVOne, NPR and The Huffington Post.

Lana has helped thousands turn pain to gain, manifest miracles and master their lives. Over 20,000 people have joined her Manifesting Challenges and experienced extraordinary breakthroughs and manifestations.

She resides in Southern California with her three kids and husband, and is working on her first book. Learn more at www.lanashlafer.com.

Wife and Mama

Teacher & Speaker

Law of Attraction Expert

My Final Invitation

I’ve helped dozens of students manifest their dreams homes and thrive in their lives.

You don’t need me or this training to attract your perfect next home.

But why do it alone when you can get to the desired result faster and with all of us cheering you along the way?


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