The 4 Steps Of the Miracle Mindset.

Part of manifesting amazing things in your life is getting into the right mindset where you are a match for the things you want to attract. 

But that can often be easier said than done, right? How can you:

  • feel great in your body when you’re living with chronic pain?
  • be loved and cherished when your partner is treating you like crap?
  • experience excitement or gratitude for your job when you hate being there? 

Years ago I was really stuck in my marriage. And having the right mindset to create what I want was a huge challenge.

My husband and I were new parents — to twins, no less! Anyone who has ever had kids knows that can be quite the rough transition. And we were no exception. 

On top of adjusting to this huge (yet exciting) life change, we were also facing marital problems. 

We never seemed to be on the same page. There was constant miscommunication and our resentment toward each other grew bigger and bigger. 

We both did things to hurt each other and got to the point where we were on the brink of divorce. 

The problem, for me, was that I wanted to feel things my husband wasn’t making me feel.

I wanted to feel loved, seen, heard, understood, and accepted. 

Instead, I was feeling misunderstood, judged and rejected.

I couldn’t “fake it till you make it” and pretend… Yet I knew that if I focused on the kind of connection, intimacy, and love that I wanted to feel, it would  create those feelings in my marriage.

I carved out time throughout my day to do little mental travels into feeling seen, understood and accepted.

I hired coaches and healers who made me feel this way.

Also, I purposely focused an entire month on only spending time with people that I really felt loved and embraced by.

It was hard to say no to some people, but it worked! I felt better and could more clearly express and fulfill my needs.

And when I did this, my husband started shifting too… almost miraculously! (Except it’s not a miracle, it’s law!)

We were over the rough patch, but we didn’t stop there.

We invested in a couples coach so that we would develop stronger intimacy and communication so we can face any valleys and go through them as a team. 

And ever since we’ve been able to weather any storms and manifest miracles together!

If you’re struggling to manifest something in your life and need some guidance, watch the quick video below. 

In this video, I share the 4 manifesting steps I use to reach big desires – even when it feels impossible.

If you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in your manifestation journey, I hope that this video and the things I shared will help you to find your way through!

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I can’t wait to see you manifest what appears impossible!