I don’t believe in forgiveness.

I believe in radically embracing what’s happened and milking it for the clarity and gifts that it brought, until there is nothing left to forgive.

Forgiveness isn’t about getting rid of anything, it’s about a perspective shift. All energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s simply transformed. (Tweet it!)

So how do you make peace with everything in your life and move forward (and upward)?

In this interview, my dear friend Erin-Ashley Kerti and I discuss everything you may want to know about who to forgive and let go.

Erin-Ashley is head shaman and healer at Spiritual Mechanic and she is also a bit of a YouTube sensation!

We are both long-time students of all things enlightenment and agree on the deeper universal truths, but we have differing opinions on techniques and real-world applications of these truths.

So, today we are battling it out with our different perspectives on:

  • Forgiveness and how to truly let go
  • Welcoming all experiences without trying to control them
  • Setting boundaries that keep you in, instead of keeping others out
  • Why energetic muffin tops are so uncomfortable… and SO MUCH MORE!

The interview is chock-full of amazing insights on how to find alignment (even when other people seem to be in our way!).


With all that forgiveness action, we felt so light and free we had to celebrate with a dance party! Check it out on Facebook.

Now, I’d love to hear from you:

What does forgiveness mean to you? What challenges have you faced with moving forward when deeply hurt? 

I can’t wait to read your comments below!