What if one day you decided to go for your dreams, got a credit card for $5K and used the Law of Attraction to create a business you love…


Plus you did this after spending 5 years on welfare.

That’s exactly what happened to Kimra Luna, a branding and online business strategist and head rocker at http://kimraluna.com.

Don’t let the tatted up, sweet-faced mama of two (soon to be 3!) fool you – this rocking’ chic really knows how to focus on a vision and align with it!

I LOVED this interview so much and had one big aha moment myself during our conversation.

I realized that I can be more brazen with doing things without so much planning, strategy and over-thinking it.

That it’s ok to just follow an impulse and do something not perfectly.

Because doing something imperfectly is still better than not doing anything at all.

I am SO excited for you to watch and take away your own ahas and realizations from our candid discussion about success in business and in life.

Click play below to watch this video now!

And Kimra is totally preaching to the choir when she illustrates how eaaaaaasy it is to make money.

I’ve seen so many of my 21-Day Ease Course participants prove to themselves that success doesn’t have to come with a struggle. It really can be easy to live a life of joy, purpose and abundance. If you let it!

Our Dance Party was too hot for YouTube, so hop on over to my Facebook page to watch Kimra and I rock out!!

Now what about you? What did you feel when Kimra and I discussed how business success came to us quickly and easily? Do you believe that’s possible for you? If not, what’s stopping or limiting you?

I can’t wait to hear what you took away from this Align & Shine interview!!!

(Did you know that each time I post these interviews I eagerly check my computer every hour for comments? I love connecting with you!)

In Joy,


p.s. Kimra’s flagship program Be True, Brand You is closing it’s doors on 2/22 so check it out now if you would love her to help you build a thriving business from the ground up! And did I mention that she’s already made over $250K in the last few weeks of this launch? She’s killing it and she can help you learn how! (By the way, I’m not an affiliate for her program and I haven’t taken it personally.)