I’ve been feeling like I want to quit my business.

Not again! (Read how I quit my business last year.)

Even though I’m usually quite verbose and explicit, for the last few weeks I couldn’t seem to express the shifts that are happening super fast in my life.

And since I couldn’t find the words, it’s perfect that I spoke with Sarah Grear in this week’s Align & Shine interview.

Sarah is a copywriter extraordinnaire who can be found at http://www.sarahgrear.com.

As a result of this interview (and some powerful realigning practices), I am now ready to pull the trigger on HUGE changes in my business and life. (Catch next week’s Lana TV episode for more on that!).

Sarah is a creative writer, whose focus is on helping entrepreneurs turn online lookers into buyers by making an emotional connection with her writing.

She believes we can all change the world, one word at a time. (Yes!!)

Our interview is real, raw and full of expletives (put on headphones if you have little ones around!) – it’s all about how to be fully expressive in our lives and in our copy.

Seriously, this conversation helped me release my creative blue balls, and find my voice again! And I’m sure you will too.

Here is just a glimpse of what Sarah and I discussed:

  • why you need to be a “conscious sharer” on social media
  • how to set safe boundaries between your business and your life
  • the 4 personality colors and how it affects your life and business
  • why alignment is the only path to true success and embodying your soul purpose

Plus, Sarah’s coming out of the closet with her brand new offering! Watch the interview now below:

Of course, in true A&S style, we had a little dance party to set the mood! So, hop on over to my Facebook page and dance along with us.

And now I would love to hear from you:

What resonated with you most from today’s Lana TV episode? What did you take away from Sarah’s approach to business and life?

I’ll be checking for your comments obsessively in the next few days! I can’t wait to connect with you and see what you learned!

In Joy,