If you think astrology is all about putting yourself in a box 📦, this episode with Ophira from the Astro Twins is going to blow your mind! 🤯

Ophira shares how astrology is a tool, not a rule. It can help you uncover unconscious patterns in yourself and gain free will.

Ophira and her twin sister Tali are the Astro Twins, professional astrologers who reach millions of people worldwide.

They’ve written bestselling books, worked with major brands, and read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, and Karlie Kloss.

I learned so much from Ophira about how to use astrology and feng shui to instantly improve my life in this interview.

After I took the AstroTwins Home Reset course, I’ve manifested so many opportunities, dollars and shifts!

Listen to this episode to hear how you can use feng shui and astrology to uncover your blind spots and align yourself with miraculous manifestations!

Listen to this episode and you’ll hear:

  • The important difference between a skeptic and a cynic — and where you want to land
  • How astrology can be a language that helps you discuss difficult subjects
  • Why the contradictions in your chart are saying something CRUCIAL you need to listen to
  • How I used feng shui to inexpensively transform my home – leading to my best month of the year!


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