It’s time we have a heart-to-heart about boundaries.

You know you gotta get some, set some and defend some… but how?

Frequently we look at them as walls that we need to erect to protect ourselves and keep ‘the bad’ out.

So we make the boundaries about others, not about ourselves. We make it about what’s out there, not what’s inside of us.

That’s mistake numero uno. Because then we give our power to external circumstances and people.

Which we can’t control. So we are left feeling powerless.

But what if I told you that boundaries are not there to keep others out, but to keep you in?

And what if I gave you an exercise to help you set healthy, effective boundaries that will feel GOOD to you and create the positive impact you seek?

Press play below to watch Set Fail-Proof Boundaries That Feel Good.


Video Timestamps:

  • 1:10 – How to tell which boundaries are healthy (and which aren’t)
  • 2:40 – What to do when you don’t feel seen or valued
  • 3:55 – How to establish boundaries from a place of allowing rather than resistance
  • 5:35 – Getting the power struggle out of the boundary-setting process
  • 7:10 – Why healthy boundaries are about co-creation, not compromise
  • 8:50 – An exercise to create healthier boundaries

After you watch this video, I’d love to know what you took away.

So leave me a comment below about whether you agree or disagree? Are you game to try the exercise I share?

Let’s build healthy boundaries that invite more empowerment and freedom!