When contrast and conflict arise, are you able to overcome them? Or do you buckle under the weight of self-judgement and disappointment?

In today’s Lana TV episode, I want to share with you how you can embrace the wobbles in your life by stepping into unconditional self-love.

It is never going to feel good to live a conditional life.

To think that those around you will love you only if you behave a certain way. Or even, that you will only love yourself for some behaviors, but judge yourself for others.

Unconditional self-love is embracing all the parts of you.Not just the sparkly stuff that your parents praised you for as a child, but also embracing the fears, worries and insecurities you have.

To truly love yourself, you’ll need to recognize that when conflict occurs, it’s not to punish you.  It’s there to help you learn and evolve. So you can embrace the circumstances and your reactions as a part of the growth process.

Believe that you are whole, perfect and complete. Not in spite of the situation, but because of it.

And you will be amazed how every tombstone will become a stepping stone! (Tweet it!)

Enjoy this LanaTV video and then make sure to join the discussion below by leaving a comment!

Now tell me:

  • Do you look at conflict as “something going wrong” or do you look for the good?
  • How are you learning to embrace all of the shades and sides of yourself?
  • Did you enjoy this more spontaneous LanaTV episode?!

I look forward to reading your comments and having a powerful discussion about accepting ourselves unconditionally.

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