We’ve manifested our dream home twice in the last few years.

Three years ago, we moved into a gorgeous victorian 3-bedroom home a few blocks away from the beach, even though my husband and I were both UNEMPLOYED at that time.  And we had 11 month-old twins.

The whole unfolding was so magical that I showed myself once again how waters will part when the desire is clear and strong (and there is no resistance).

It seemed like the perfect people and circumstances showed up at the perfect time to make it a reality.

It was a HUGE leap of faith to take on (what seemed like) high rent while in debt, but we both clearly knew that if it felt right, it was right.

Within a few weeks my husband got a new job, within 4 months I started seeing an income and we’ve never looked back.

So when we became ready for a more spacious and more luxurious home, we followed the same process of inviting the perfect home to flow into our lives.

In this video, I will share with you:

  • Why it is so important to dream big and why most people are afraid of it
  • How you can ‘preview’ your future home and enjoy each day until you arrive at your ideal house
  • Why you may not always know what you want and how that is a good thing
  • Practices that will help you manifest your dream home

One thing I want to tell you before you watch this video that it doesn’t matter where you are now. You can be living in the home of your dreams (and sooner than you think).

I was not always living in luxury. I grew up in Russia in one room (no kitchen or bathroom, just a dorm-style room) with my parents and my brother until I was 9.

So when I say this house is crazy to me, by crazy I mean that no one in my family or my husband’s family has ever lived in a home that is even close to the size, luxury and price of this mini-mansion.

Saying YES to this home was a big deal for us.

So don’t let where you’ve come from or where you are now prevent you from dreaming big and taking inspired action to manifesting what you truly desire!

Now I’d love to hear from you:

What is the vision of your ideal home and which one of the three steps is the hardest for you and why? And if you love where you live, I’d also love to hear what you did to manifested your dream home!

And please remember to share this post with anyone who is looking to attract their perfect living space!


Two years after I released this video we manifested yet another stunning home!

I decided to create a program that shows the exact processes I used to manifest all these dream houses!

Check out the Manifest Your Dream Home Masterclass for a video tour of the latest mini-mansion and to learn more how you can get the keys for your dream home!