Today I’d love to share with you the juiciest lessons, experiences and insights that I took away from the Abraham-Hicks Playa Del Carmen Landcruise. Through videos!

Because sometimes seeing something can be much more powerful than just reading it.  So here is your chance to re-live this incredible and powerful experience together with me!

(If you’ve never heard of Abraham-Hicks, read more about the teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction here.)


Highlights From the Abraham-Hicks 2014 Landcruise


1.  If you can celebrate what went wrong as much as you celebrate what went right, you’ve mastered life!

And in this video you’ll learn why everything is working out for you, even when it doesn’t seem that way.  Have you crashed a plane lately? Let’s celebrate!


2.  Give up control of the conditions.  Focus on controlling your point of attraction.

I’ve been in the Hot Seat before and I really wanted to go up on stage this time.  When I wasn’t getting called, I started to get really pissed off.

Here is a video about how I took that frustration and turned it into ease.  Right after I did this, I raised my hand and got called up to the stage!

How can you change around the frustration of not achieving your desire so that you focus that passion into a stronger point of attraction to manifest your intention?


3. Relax, enjoy, focus on being fully yourself… you got this!

In this video you’ll see what Abraham and I discussed while in the hot seat!  Please excuse my voice, it was hoarse from all of the hooting & hollering and all of the incredible conversations that I was having that week!

hot seat lana shlafer 2014

In the hot seat!


I love living in ‘lala’ land, aka Lana-land! 😉

I love the new levels of inner freedom that I feel since coming back from Mexico! I never know where the next inspired thought will take me.

Now I’d love to hear what you took away from these videos!  Because your insights frequently lead me to my own and vice versa.

Co-creating at it’s best!!!