The Manifest That Miracle Podcast Is Here!

The world needs miracles now more than ever.

Like many, I bet you’re ready for a new approach to getting out of the day-to-day reality you’ve been experiencing to create your dream life.

That’s why I’ve started the Manifest That Miracle podcast!

It’s the next step on my mission to offer a different way of thinking that allows anyone to create the reality they prefer… independent of what’s happening in the world.

In the first episode, I’m sharing who I am, how I went from being an atheist to being known as a manifesting expert. Plus what I promise you for this podcast.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My journey from Siberia to LA to Puerto Rico — and the big revelation that saved my life.
  • The top three miracles I’ve manifested – from dream homes to a #pinchme marriage and miraculous kids 
  • How after many years of struggle I got into the mindset of creating without limits.
  • Why there is no success without the mess and what prevents most people from reaching their visions
  • My intentions for this podcast and why it took me multiple tries to record this episode to get it right 
  • The trick to accepting yourself so that you can live fully, loudly, and proudly


[00:03] Welcome to Manifest That Miracle podcast. My name is Lana Shlafer. I bring years of experience as a mindset coach and law of attraction expert to share with you mindset, strategy, and inspiration to do the impossible. My guests and I are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. My commitment to you is to show up fully and imperfectly so we can learn and grow together. Are you ready to manifest that miracle? Let's get started.
[00:37] Wow, this is really happening. I'm recording the first episode of the Manifest That Miracle podcast and my heart is pounding, and I am sweaty and I keep thinking I want more water, but then I'm going to have to go pee. I have notes for what I want to share and yet I feel like I can't fit everything that I want to share into 30 minutes or now or a day. Because the truth is that this isn't just the first episode of this podcast. I feel like this is a culmination of my entire life. I was born in Russia, in Tomsk Siberia, and I grew up in a totally different world than I find myself in now. And for decades, I felt like I was broken. I felt like there was something inside of me that would never be fixed, that I didn't belong. I felt different from my environment and yet I didn't find anywhere else where I could belong. And everything that I've done professionally was born out of a personal need, a personal wound, a healing that I want to create. And when I learned that mindset, that my perspective, that there were things I could do to transform how I felt, that happiness might just be possible for me, whatever that is, that it's possible to create a life where I feel welcome, where I feel safe, where I feel loved and seen and supported.
[02:02] I'm doing this podcast because it was a huge revelation to me that I hold the power to transform my life, that there are no limits that are real, that maybe just maybe nothing's gone wrong and everything's gone right. And I'm standing at the very pinnacle of the next moment and the next chapter, and I can create anything that I want. That idea was so revolutionary to me that I didn't believe it for years and years and years. I just decided to test it. I just decided I have nothing to lose. I was already miserable after trying to create the American dream, and working my tail off, going to the best school, getting the best job, working investment banking, and feeling like I don't want to live. There has to be something more to this life. And I was completely lost. I had no idea what's out there, but I just took a leap of faith. Really, my back was against the wall. I felt like I don't want to live, so if I'm going to exit out this life, I might as well first give it a chance and see what's possible. And so much has been uncovered. And I keep learning so much about how I am literally in charge of my life and that all of the things that I think are real are really a matter of perspective.
[03:19] And so I'm deeply passionate. I don't think I'll ever shut up about it. I don't think I'll ever stop shouting from the rooftops what I have learned because it quite literally saved my life. And after all the years of self-work, and I became a success coach and learned life coaching. And then I went to grad school for transpersonal psychology and learned how to hold space and what healing is. And all of the law of attraction and deliberate creation workshops and Abraham cruises and hot seats and being part of Agape Spiritual Center and really expanding to my understanding of who I am and what is possible in this life, I've come to a place where I feel like every moment has the capacity to be infinitely satisfying and delicious. And I could no longer delude myself in thinking that I have to be or do something different in order to be fully and presently in connection, in alignment, in peace, in joy, in harmony. It is my mission to share this in the world to anybody who will listen to remind you as I remind myself frequently that it's okay to be wounded. It's okay to feel broken. It's okay to not know and that you can enjoy the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance and self-love and that there's so much more that you are capable of than you realize if you just take that step and the next step and the next step. Now I've created a life where I'm surrounded by the most incredible people.
[04:51] A couple of years ago, we moved to Puerto Rico with my husband and our three children. We stepped into yet another chapter of our lives where we feel more in alignment with our values and our priorities than we ever have. I wake up with a view of the Caribbean Sea and want to pinch myself. This is a dream I didn't dare to dream. This is a life that I never thought was possible for me, not just the dream home, and the support and love I feel by the surroundings I have; the love for myself and the way that I'm able to show up in my relationship and with my kids and with my friends and my community, my clients, none of this seemed possible. It seemed like a pipe dream, a miracle. And now it's a fact. This is why after years and years and years of studying and teaching and practicing and having over 20,000 people in the Manifest Miracles challenges that I put on for years, I saw that this isn't just something that I have figured out, but this is possible for anyone who dares it. And this podcast is a love child for me to share this message further and wider to anyone who is ready to hear that it is possible, that it's only not here yet because it's not yet here. And that anything that you want is on its way, and you can be, do or have anything that you desire that matters to you. And there is a method, there is a system, there is a strategy to it. There is a mindset and a perspective that when you learn and practice and become better and better at, it gets easier, it becomes a game, it becomes fun, it becomes something that you enjoy for the experience of it and not for the destination of it.
[06:36] 2020 has been one insane year. It has catapulted the world into a place of polarization and change and transformation and has catapulted me into recognizing that the time is now, there's no more waiting. There's no more “Oh, I'll do this later.” But I'm ready to show up and share this message imperfectly, and learn with you what I know, and bring on the most incredible guests that have learned and figured out something so that we can learn from each other. I'm here to remind you that I don't hold all the answers. I do hope to ask better questions because I feel like the quality of our life really depends on the quality of the questions we ask. We are here learning together. I'm a teacher among teachers, a master among masters, and a leader among leaders. And my journey has led me here to start a conversation, to begin a dialogue that will serve us in whatever way that we are ready to receive.
[07:38] Now, why do I call the manifestations and the experiences I had miracles? The reason I use that word is because it felt so impossible, improbable, unrealistic, and unlikely that from my very skeptical atheist upbringing, it might as well be a miracle. So I'm reappropriating the word miracle to be something that just hasn't happened yet. If you read my book, Manifest That Miracle: Learn Why You Don't Have What You Want and How to Get It you'll hear more about my journey, and how trust and faith are not necessary for this process because I certainly didn't have any. It was a series of experiments and a lot of learning that led me to a place where I know the truth, I know what's possible. And it is something I don't have to believe in. It is something that I've shown myself, proven to myself, so now it is my reality.
[08:28] So my top three miracles have to do with-- Well, most people will say miracles are external, and then we'll talk about what created them. The birth of my kids. My twins are born 33 hours apart over six days of labor in a sacred, extraordinary home birth. There's so much that I could share about that story but all I can say is that whatever I thought is possible, completely superseded any imagination or any ideas that I had. I felt like I touched God in that experience. And God was not something that was real to me beforehand but I felt the creative power that I hold, and the co-creation that is possible. And we were able to flow through the birth with my husband and our midwife in a way that really honored my children and my body and this creative process of birthing something into the world. So you can read more about my story on my blog or in my book, but it made me who I am today. And there are so many extraordinary, miraculous things. I mean, any medical professional or midwife really are amazed by all of the things that happened. But the truth is, it was my mindset. It was my perspective that allowed me to be in a place where I felt so connected to myself and my children that nothing else mattered. And we co-created the perfect experience for us to really be in the magic.
[10:03] Then the birth of my third baby. The pregnancy, I remember being in an Abraham Hicks hot seat. So, the Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks. If you are listening to this podcast, I imagine you understand who they are, and law of attraction, but if not, look them up. I remember being in a hot seat, probably one of my most recent hot seats, and speaking about conscious masterminding with a soul that hasn't come in. And a few months later, we got pregnant and I felt really clearly that this was a journey for me and this baby and nothing else really mattered. So we ended up having an unassisted birth with no medical professionals present - a free birth. And it really broke me. This birth was one of the most challenging experiences I've ever lived, and it broke me wide open. It really taught me and solidified that all of the pain that we experience, all of the wounding is there for us and it can be a source of manifesting fuel. And our biggest portal into the next level as Rumi says, “It's through the cracks that the light enters.” And I broke open and I broke down and I broke through. And the births of my kids really showed me that there are no limits, except for the ones I set for myself.
[11:21] Most people will look at our house manifestations-- I'm sort of known as the dream home person. We've had manifestation after manifestation, and we went from not being employed with newborn twins moving out of my in-laws' house when the twins were five weeks old, and getting a little tiny apartment. That was a miracle back then because we were not employed and we had barely enough money to scrape up for the deposit in the first month. And I can share more about dream home manifestations in another episode, but we really felt the connection to source and the support. And I don't know how to explain the feeling into words but when I have that feeling of knowing, I know that it's right, even if I see no evidence of it. And I've developed that sixth sense now. And then from there, we went to a bigger home and a better home, we've had incredible manifestations. The most notable one, I think, for most people is that we moved into a place that we were leasing at the time that was much higher price and I was just at the beginning stages of my business. We really had no business affording it to be honest and yet it felt so right, we took the leap. And about seven or eight months into living in this place, which by the way, just expanded us in so many ways that my business grew, everything improved, we really grew into filling the space and filling these bigger shoes, there was a foreclosure by the owner. And through the entire process of the foreclosure, we ended up getting five and a half months rent-free in our dream home with floor to ceiling views of the entire city and the ocean. And we ended up negotiating a $21,000 cash payout to move out.
[13:07] And this manifestation showed me that I don't need to know why something feels right. That when I have that feeling that I've developed in my body, in my bones, and especially when my husband and I have it together, that it is no risk to leap. And that has allowed us to take bigger and bigger leaps to the point where we are now in our dream home in Puerto Rico. We have an amazing lease to own agreement, we're getting ready to buy our first home. It feels vulnerable sharing this because I've never before really wanted to own a place. I think it felt ultimately for me that I don't belong, and I don't know where my home is. And since I've done a lot of work on that and I feel finally at home, now I'm ready to have a home that is lasting, that isn't something we move every few years, which has been my experience. I wouldn't allow myself to stand still. Going back to my earlier point of being so deeply flawed and broken. Even creating this episode has been uncomfortable because I wanted to show up as the shiny version of myself, as the “Look at what I've done. Look at what I've created,” because that's what a lot of people see. But the underbelly of this is that I tried to record this episode multiple times with the notes that I have, and not rambling and not going off on tangents, and it felt fake and not real and icky. And then I ended up feeling so much tension, frustration I fought with my family, I fought with my husband. My kids saw us fighting and started crying and last night was a mess, a mess. And I've created success from a mess.
[14:47] One of my good friends always used a phrase that “There's no success without the mess.” And so these dream home manifestations and the relationships which is the third biggest miracle. I mean from a place of feeling so not seen and loved-- My parents did their absolute best, but it was a little rough in a communist environment. And I feel like I didn't know what love and communication and aligned relationships really looked like. I had to create something out of nothing, and I'm still learning. And to now have the kind of relationships where no matter how I show up, I feel welcome, that I feel like my kids are welcome as they are, my husband, my friends, my clients, my family, when you don't need to change anyone, and when you don't need to change yourself, and you are able to be-- I had a grad school professor that said, “To love somebody fully is to hug them, to embrace them as tight as you can with open arms.” I also feel like to love someone fully is to not just embrace them when you love them, but to embrace them when they have triggered you, when they are frustrating without squeezing them, without squeezing yourself but to hold space, and to honor the interaction and what is now being born out of the conflict, out of the contrast, out of the tension. Because here I am sitting with you with nothing to prove, nothing to achieve, nothing to hide, and that is the greatest freedom and peace I have ever experienced.
[16:20] So my biggest miracle in my life are not the births, not the houses, not the relationships, not the money, not the healthy body after years of eating disorders, to have a beautiful, healthy, wonderful experience with eating what I want to eat, when I want to eat, taking care of myself, moving my body when I want to move it and after twin birth and pregnancy and also a single birth, to have a body that is so fit and healthy and radiant. I feel better than I felt in my 20s. The biggest miracle is that I can allow myself to be me. I grew up with so many ideas of what's wrong with me. What's wrong with me, what's wrong with the world. And to stand here and to say I am who I am and it's okay, and my little girl is welcome here. All of me is welcome here. I want to give more permission to myself and more permission to you if you resonate, for all of you to be welcome. So I'm doing this podcast for me, first and foremost, because that is a part of my philosophy, to be self full. Who else should we be full of not ourselves? I did not come here as somebody else. I am not in my mother's body, I'm not in my husband's body, I'm not in my kid's body, I'm not in your body. I am in my body and I believe that I am here to live fully and loudly and proudly as me, that that is quite literally my purpose. And there's nothing that will be fulfilling short of that, to realize who I am, to sing my song, to live out my full potential.
[17:56] So my biggest miracle is that I am here. Me, the little girl from Siberia who grew up in one room, who felt so broken and lost and unwanted, who has created a sense of inner wanting and inner love by source and non-physical, and by the people around me, that this might as well be the biggest miracle that I can imagine the inner harmony and peace and the welcoming. Everything else that I do and be and have stems from this. This is a feeling if I could bottle up and give to you, I would. And I tried to do that in my book. And I try to do that every day with the clients that I work with and the people I interact with. And what you can expect from this podcast is me showing up, sharing what I know, sharing what I'm learning, having leading-edge, thought-provoking conversations with those who have done the impossible, who are ordinary, somewhat broken people who have created extraordinary lives or extraordinary experiences. I want to share the stories, the confessions, the experiences, the hidden, underlying factors of success so that it appears messy and glorious and accessible to anyone who desires it. This podcast is about taking practical steps, so it goes from theory to practice. I'm less interested in impressing you or blowing your mind and I'm more interested in you seeing actual changes and impact in your life.
[19:31] I don't want you to take my word for anything. I want you to show to yourself just how powerful, capable and brilliant you are. So here I am doing something that's been on my heart for so many years. Something that's been calling me, something I've been sitting with, something that I am glad I'm doing exactly today and not a day, a minute, a second earlier, because now is the time that I feel ready to share this message and to stand fully in my power and say I am who I am. You don't have to like me, you don't have to listen, you don't have to agree, but I like me and I'm here to share what's on my heart and a few tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. So what's on your heart that you think about that is the secret that you're carrying? What's calling you? What has this year, this transformational year taught you that there is no time to waste, that it is time to be, do or have those visions, those dreams, those manifestations that are calling you? Let me know. Let me know and commit to showing up for this vision and for this miracle, because truly, change happens, 50% of the change, 80% of the change, a huge, huge percentage of the manifestation happens with you expressing it and committing to it. When you go all in, life goes all in with you.
[21:03] So here I am imperfectly, vulnerably going all in, in taking this journey into this podcast, learning how to make it even more powerful and better, stumbling, being imperfect, and sharing with you the messy success and having a heck of a lot of fun doing it. Because if we're not laughing and enjoying ourselves, what are we really doing here? So I'd love to hear what's calling your name. Share it in the comments and let me know so I can uphold that vision with you. And then download my book. Thank you for listening. Really, truly, deeply, I appreciate you.
[21:44] And I'm going to celebrate the fact that I showed up and did this imperfect, rambling episode and that it's only going to get better and better. Just wait until you hear the interviews and the stories and the meditations and the practices and the client coaching sessions that I am gearing up to share with you. I'm so excited and honored to do this work and to be here with you and to change the world through changing myself and allowing the impossible to become our reality.
[22:21] Thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Manifest That Miracle podcast. I'd love to hear your reflections and any questions, so feel free to find me on social media and let me know. If you'd like to hear more, please subscribe on iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you're ready to learn why you don't have what you want, and how to get it, get a copy of my best-selling book, Manifest That Miracle at


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