If you are reading this, you are most likely in debt.

And you might be judging yourself for having it.

You might even find yourself lying awake at night figuring out how to pay it off and feel free.

And if you are into the law of attraction, you may be googling “Abraham hicks debt”.

I’ve been there. More than once.

If I total up all the debt I’ve had in my life, it’s well over $150,000.

So when someone asked me: “How can I get out of debt faster using the law of attraction?”, I knew I had to do a LanaTV episode.

I wanted to share ONE practical thing I’ve done that has helped me pay off debt faster and easier than I could have ever imagined. 

It’s a mindset approach that anyone can do right away. 

Not only will it shift your point of attraction and help you feel better about the debt.

But it will leverage the law of attraction to bring to you cooperative components to become debt-free in expedient and miraculous ways!

Press play below to watch the Manifesting Secret To Get Out Of Debt Fast.

Episode Summary:

  • it took me 5 years to pay off $40K of debt 11 years ago and only 8 months to pay off $40K of debt last year… after applying this one principle consistently
  • the one mindset approach that will help you make peace with debt, clear internal resistance and manifest ways to pay off the debt faster and easier
  • the reasons most people judge debt and are stuck in a loop of shame, and how to create a more aligned relationship with money and debt
  • two ways you can apply this debt mindset principle to see immediate results

After you watch this video, please let me know what you took away!

How you can apply this mindset approach to create more alignment around debt and allow more manifestations to pay it off faster?

Let’s release the stigma around debt and allow more ease of circulating money. That’s what will allow more abundance and wealth in our lives!