There have been a few moments in my life when a conversation with someone changed EVERYTHING.

I can think of three that I will never forget.

The first was with Rev. Michael Beckwith. The second was with Abraham-Hicks.

The third happened just this month when I went to DC for an event related to my upcoming book, and I met Marianne Williamson!!!

I got to speak with Marianne directly and get her advice on how I can reach millions with the message in my book.

She began by asking me the title of my book – Manifest That Miracle – and then the conversation took a really unexpected turn.

It was honestly one of the most challenging professional experiences of my life. And afterwards I knew that I would never be the same.

Watch the video below to hear what happened and how I earned Marianne’s blessing.



  • 0:40 – My life-altering conversations with Rev. Beckwith and Abraham
  • 6:30 – The way Marianne Williamson challenged me
  • 8:30 – Her take on the current state of spiritual teaching
  • 12:45 – How to come from a place of love, not ego
  • 13:40 – The way to  handle criticism (and still be okay)
  • 15:30 – Why your biggest challenges are a critical opportunity

After you watch this video, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you had a moment like that, where you knew you could make a big choice to step into a HUGE change in your life?

Also, how would react to a mentor challenging you? Would you shrink or rise?

Leave a comment below and let me know!