It’s my birthday week! And in the spirit of celebration, I wanted to drop some wisdom about a key missing step to manifesting your big desires.

In this episode of LanaTV I share two manifesting practices that I’ve rarely heard anyone talk about.

Even Law Of Attraction ‘gurus’ don’t mention these much. I had to shine a light on something that can tremendously improve your life today AND help you manifest your big dreams faster and easier.

And the best part is that it doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t require much time and can be done by literally anyone.

Most people wait to celebrate after they’ve manifested their goals. But that’s backwards!

There are two aspects of celebration that are really underused and undervalued.

In today’s LanaTV episode I’m sharing a new practical approach to celebrating that will not only help you manifest faster, but improve your everyday life (even before you achieve your desires).

If you can put this approach into practice, I guarantee your life will enter a new parallel reality where you are happier, more effective, more empowered, plus you’ll start manifesting like a mofo!

Click play on the video below, then makes sure to let me know in the comments below your one key takeaway!


LanaTV Episode Summary:

0:32 – Birthday champagne toast!

1:06 – Two underused aspects of celebration (to manifest dream clients, home, partner, etc.)

1:36 – Part 1: The art of Pre-Celebration (both mindset and action)

2:57 – Practical example of pre-celebrating that produces emotional and vibrational shifts

4:00 – The cost of ‘jinxing’ it and why you should count your chickens before they hatch

5:39 – The key to grant yourself access to the successes you are seeking (comment below!)

6:25 – Part 2: Learning to celebrate ALL of it (failures the same way as triumphs)

7:11 – Bonus Manifesting Trick

8:17 – Putting celebrating catastrophes and challenges to the test

9:50 – What if you stopped waiting for things to happen to feel good about and claimed it

10:43 – Calls to action


I’d love to hear from you:

Have you been practicing these two key ways to celebrate your way to manifesting your big visions or is this the missing link to achieving your dreams?

What key takeaway can you apply in your life today to not only manifest your desires faster, but to enjoy every step of the journey there?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

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