The other day I hung out with a friend who worried about what she ate and how her body looked.

She made comments like:

“I know this is bad for me, but I really want it”
“I worked out today so I earned it”
(and the hardest one for me to hear) “I lack willpower, otherwise I’d be thinner.”

This type of talk used to be normal for me. I spent almost a decade of my life consumed with what I ate, how I looked and with controlling every aspect of my life.

I thought if only I achieved a certain way of looking, I’d also achieve feeling better on the inside.

But no matter what size I was or how much I controlled my environment or myself, no matter how much I tried, I was never happy.

That’s when I got tired of chasing that illusive ‘IT’ that was always just beyond my reach. I was looking on the outside for what can only be found on the inside.

Only when I realized that what I’d been looking for all along was to feel SAFE, only when I started digging deeper and seeing my behaviors as a call for deeper self-love, did I begin to heal.

As Michael Beckwith says: I was pushed by pain until I was pulled by a vision.

Now I honor my journey of eating disorders and body dysmorphia as my portal into spirituality, healing and self-realization.

All the pain I was experiencing and manifesting made it impossible for me to keep going as usual and inspired me to break free. Now I am living the vision of what was planted with all those years of being in the hellish cycle of pain.

This is exactly what we talked about in my interview with Dana Lee, the founder of RealFit.TV and the creator of the Real Fit Mindset course.

Dana is on a mission to help women go from food obsessed to body blessed. When I met her earlier this year, I knew we needed to have this conversation.

We both went through issues with not loving our bodies. We both worked in the fitness industry. And we are both passionate about helping women to find love for themselves and their beautiful bodies!

This interview covers a lot of ground including:

– the MYTH of doing MORE or doing it RIGHT
– the role of BELIEFS in your fitness
– why the same programs DON’T WORK FOR EVERYONE
– how FORGIVENESS is crucial for optimal health

And listen up for Dana’s tip on how to get a bikini body right NOW. ????????

After you watch, please share in the comments below:

Do you feel that the focus on your body/weight/shape is just a distraction from what you’re actually here to do on this planet? Have you noticed a correlation between healing/loving yourself and feeling/ looking better?

I can’t wait to hear from you! And please share this interview if inspired.