I  was in a rage.

I was angry that I accepted a lie about myself. I thought that I had to work hard for success. I thought that I had to earn my worth.

I had mistakenly believed that I had to be ‘good’ to be loved.

The tragedy was not that my family, culture, society and educational system all reflected that, but that I took on the view so fully, even though deep inside I knew this was not the true.

When I got pregnant with my twins I could not stand the thought of them growing up watching their mother disown her power.

The buck of self-flagellation, self-doubt and powerlessness had to STOP HERE.

Hell with the world, it can do what it wants. I will not dismember or mute myself.

I owe it to myself and everyone I love to shine with such luminosity and brilliance that I am radiating spirit in High Definition.  {Tweet that}

I am proud of giving up being small and surrendering into my greatness. And I am forever grateful for all the teaching moments and people in my life.

I look into my children’s eyes and I see the bigness, brightness and beauty in them. And I celebrate it.

I look into my partner’s eyes and see the seemingly infinite love we allow to flow. And I praise it.

I look into my clients’, friends’ and neighbors’ eyes and I see the brilliance, uniqueness and God-embodiment in them. And I appreciate it.

In uplifting you, I uplift myself.

Because it is all a reflection of me: my power, my infinite capacity, my beauty, my love, my peace and MY CHOICE.

I took the RAGE and transformed it into couRAGE.

I broke open, and instead of falling apart, I fell together. Into a whole new me.