I recently turned 40. Gotta admit it feels weird. 

I’m still used to thinking of myself as that spunky, fun, ready-to-dance-on-tables girl in her early 30s.

I haven’t really thought of what life after 40 would be like… and for a second that scared me. 

Until I realized I create my own reality so it’s gonna be whatever I want it to be.

And you know what my theme for my forties is? EPIC!

So I want to start my fortieth year on the planet by doing an epic episode about the top 40 lessons I’ve learned in my life.

This episode was so fun to put together and I surprised myself with all the stories that came up as I shared these guiding principles in my life.

I challenged myself to stick to a 1 minute for each lesson, but averaged 1.25 minutes per lesson. ‘Cause your girl can talk!

I bet this episode will fly by once you start listening! 

Promise me you’ll leave me a comment sharing your favorite lessons from this episode and letting me know one of your favorite life mottos!

Click below to listen.

Here is an overview of 3 of the 40 lessons to get you excited:

Lesson 4: “Color it GOOD.”

What if nothing is inherently good or bad? 

The way we describe a situation determines what we derive from it. I look for ways to color every experience good so I can derive the value and meaning from it. 

I invite you to remember that life is not happening to you, life is happening FOR you — and you have the power to unlock the lesson from every experience and grow it into future success!

Lesson 12:  “When I FEESION, I make a bridge to the reality that I want.”

This is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques I use. 

It helped me manifest the house of my dreams here in Puerto Rico, my incredible home births, and my dream clients.

The key is to feel more than see your desires. Try viscerally experiencing the emotion you desire to feel with your whole body — then watch as the manifestations flow in! 

Lesson 39:  “I won’t WIN if I don’t PLAY.”

How fun would life be if we thought of it as a game? Once I decided to embody this paradigm shift, there was no way to lose. I either win or learn.

Too often we get stuck in our heads, and it stops us from taking action. What if we just played the best with what we had and learned along the way?

You’ll be amazed at the miraculous opportunities and turns in your life when you commit to showing up and playing your best every day.


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