Not knowing what you want or how to move forward can feel paralyzing and debilitating.

Not fun at all.

The worst feeling I know is confusion that seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel.

And the best feeling is coming out of the darkness into the light and seeing clearly.

Abraham told me in my latest hot seat discussion that “The depth of your confusion is always proportionate to the depth of your clarity. And the depth of your alignment is proportional to your mis-alignment.”

In this week’s Lana TV episode, I’m sharing why being confused and experiencing contrast is good for your manifestation muscles.

I also give two steps for overcoming confusion and embracing the call for becoming a better you.

So when you feel the muck of something-is-off-ness coming over you, try these two steps to let the chaos guide you to order.

1. Acknowledge it’s happening

We spend a lot of time and energy sweeping our confusion under the rug, until it starts to suffocate us. Catch that feeling of confusion and discomfort as early as possible, and then determine which area of your life its coming from. Acknowledge what you don’t want and identify the opposite, what you do want, more clearly.

2. Allow yourself to look for opportunities to experience what you do want

Once you know what you want, start looking for opportunities to find it and experience it. Focus on what you want until its amplified. Allow the process of transition to unfold, honor what’s now leaving your life, create space for the new, and be patient.

I hope this episode inspires you to embrace the confusion and contrast showing up in your life and unwrap the gifts that it brings.

Recognize that its not there to punish you; you didn’t do anything wrong. The contrast is just calling you to be something more.

Now I’d love to read your comment for how you deal with confusion: how do you utilize contrast to gain clarity?

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