Over and over, I hear my clients and membership participants ask: “How do I get the kind of relationship I want if I’ve NEVER had it?”

If you haven’t felt safe, appreciated, seen, heard or loved by those that raised you or later in life, then it may feel impossible to create this in your current relationships.

I’m about to share one of the most powerful ways that I have learned to transform my close relationships and manifest that kind of love and support that I’ve always dreamed about.

I have dated 1000 versions of my husband. I have been surrounded by thousands of versions of everyone I cherish in my life, whether it’s my kids, friends or family.

In my awareness of this cycle, I realized that however we choose to see those we love, is how they will treat us.

In other words, whatever you focus on will expand.

Today’s LanaTV episode is a special one! I asked my friends to sit down with me and demonstrate a transformative exercise that will provide you with an incredible tool to get closer and stronger relationships.

This video is almost 30 minutes long and it goes DEEP.

You’ll get to see strangers take off masks and allow love, and a mother and daughter who heal and deepen their bond right in front of your eyes.

So grab a cup of tea and tune in!

Life is full of pivotal moments when strong emotional responses like resentment, overwhelment, blame, anxiety or grief get triggered.

These seemingly big (or small) changes in our life present us with a huge opportunity to really make a deliberate shift in our vibration.

In these moments, instead of saying: “How do I get this thing I’ve never had?”, you could start asking, “What do I want MORE of?”

You can’t experience anything but a mirror of yourself.

Deliberate gratitude and appreciation is the most powerful way to amplify what you want more of.

And this works on every subject that matters to you, not just relationships.

For example, I manifested our existing home that I adore (here is a LanaTV episode about how to manifest your dream home).

This became possible because I maintained a state of appreciation for the old house prior to the move and throughout the transition.

It allowed me to, literally, move on with grace and really transform that love into a new and beautiful gratitude for our new house.

And I’ve done the same with my relationships.

When you implement the practice of deliberate gratitude and appreciation into all areas of your life, it’s like you are watering the seeds of what you want to see more of in your experience.

More importantly, when you share genuine love and appreciation for the people and things in your life, you allow yourself to receive the bigness of that same love and appreciation reflected right back to you.

So whatever you sow, you reap.

I hope this exercise is helping you sow seeds that will harvest unconditional love, a deep sense of support, mind-blowing intimacy and satisfying evolution in your most treasured relationships.

Now I’d love to hear from you:

  • What do you want to see more of in your close relationships?
  • What did this exercise bring up or teach you and how can you apply it to your life to improve your interpersonal interactions?

And please share how you feel after trying this exercise with those you love! Can’t wait to hear your responses to this episode!!!