I’ve done it again!

I manifested yet another EPIC dream house that’s just down the street from our beach bungalow.

And it came about through some contrast.

Soon after I returned from the recent Abraham-Hicks cruise, we got a 60 day notice to vacate.

We had a similar situation before and that worked out brilliantly for us (in a surprise $40K!), so within 3 minutes my husband and I shifted from panic to alignment.

Because life isn’t happening to us, it’s always working out FOR US. So we started getting excited about what kind of awesomeness this will bring to our lives.

We began to look for something in the area where we currently live to keep our kids in the same school.

But we weren’t sure we’d find something that fits our needs and if we’d get approved given how challenging it can be to prove steady income as a business owner.

We found an amazing home just a few blocks away, got approved and signed the lease in just 4 days!

If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!

Here is a detailed account of what mindset principles I practiced to manifest a 3,300 sq ft mini-mansion 3 blocks from the beach!

Check out this LanaTV episode for pictures of the new home!

Video Summary

Each time we’ve had success in manifesting a dream home, we had the courage to leap.

Even if the house felt like a stretch, even when we signed a lease while both my husband and I were unemployed… if it felt right to us, we did it and let life guide us to the ways to make it possible.

And it’s worked every time! So much so that I would call myself a professional leaper – I feel the wings before they appear and dive in without fear! πŸ˜‰

If you find yourself hesitating and not making the leap, there are 3 common blocks that might be holding you back from manifesting your dream home.

Block #1: I can’t afford it.

This limiting belief is just an excuse to not go there emotionally and vibrationally.

Shift instead into giving yourself permission to dream.

You’ll need to make peace with the home you’re in now and appreciate what you have. But also give yourself permission to dream and to invite the vision of what you want without attaching to a timeline.

Then take inspired action to surround yourself by what you desire. Browse online houses that make your heart sing. Go to an open house and place yourself in an environment where you can not only dream, but get a taste of it….

And before you know it, it will seem natural for you to say YES to your dream place!

Block #2: I don’t deserve it.

We can all get caught up in feelings of:

  • “Nobody in my family has a home like this”
  • “I can’t imagine paying this much in rent or mortgage”
  • “My partner thinks it’s too expensive or excessive”

This is a common block of not giving yourself permission to receive.

When you give yourself permission to want what you want, and not need other people’s approval, then you take a big step toward making it a reality.

Feeling worthy and deserving is the necessary for opening the door to the next level of yourself and your life. Then you can see opportunities to have what you desire through the path of least resistance.

If you don’t feel deserving, that door is closed.

(Check out my free “I Receive” meditation on YouTube if you need to work on this block.)

Block #3: What I want doesn’t exist.

When I received our move-out notice, I could have spiraled in the fear that we haven’t seen what we want in our area. I could have felt  doomed to downgrade while paying more because house prices have gone up.

And because my typically calm husband was starting to panic, I could have let his worry cause me worry.

But I gave myself permission to believe. To believe that if I have the desire, that means life already knows it exists and can deliver it to me.

And I wasn’t gonna let anyone make me feel like this was impossible, unlikely or hard. So I pulled out all the tools I teach and stayed in clarity and alignment, even though I didn’t know how it would all work out.

If you have a vision of your dream home and it feels so good, believe that you’re on your way to it, make alignment your priority and take inspired action.

The rest will fall into place as you leverage the Law Of Attraction to work on your behalf to manifest what you most want!

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