I have already discussed visualization and speaking your visions as a way to manifest what you desire.

Imagining scenarios in your head is powerful, sharing them with others is delightful, but to write them down and then months or years later realize that they have come true to a T – PRICELESS!!!

Why Script?

Imagine sitting down, writing a script for your life then stepping into a movie set where the script came to life.

What if the scenarios you wrote became your reality, where you could touch/taste/feel/see what you’ve imagined?

The money appeared in your bank, your ideal mate passionately kissed you on the street, the TED Talk invitation was in your inbox, you were already carrying the child you’ve wanted, etc.

Time is an illusion and everything exists now.  This means that every potential reality, dream and idea that you’ve ever had already exists at some level.

The opportunity that’s in front of you is to deliberately choose what plane of existence you land in.

You get to select which reality becomes the one you live, enjoy and share with others. (Tweet it out!)

So how do you:

  1. Write the kind of vision that gets you salivating, and
  2. Believe that it’s possible for you to such a degree that you expect it (which is when life will affirm your readiness by bringing to you evidence of it)?

Read on, my dear visionary!

Mini-Scripting: Affirmations that get you wet (or hard)

I first understood the power of writing when I began writing affirmations out years ago.

Thinking them and speaking them out loud felt great, but there was something so much more permanent and tangible about seeing them in ink.

Journal affirmation visioning


Once I recognized the power of intentional calligraphy, I would write affirmations in my journal, on Post-it notes and on flash cards and tape them all over my house and car.

Every morning, as I sat down to drive to work, this note would stare at me in the dashboard, rewiring my brain to trust in life and myself:

“I know it.  I deserve it.  It’s on it’s way and nothing can stop it.”

Now, here is the truth about which affirmations and visions work: they’ve got to turn you on.

You read that right.

If your written statements don’t make you feel powerful, alive, hopeful, excited, straight up hot n’ bothered – don’t bother posting them all over your journals or walls.

Why have vanilla sex when you can have I-died-a-thousand-deaths-from-pleasure love-making?

Whatever affirming or scripting that you do, I highly suggest selecting scenarios and visions that turn you on and tune you in!

Vision Scripting: This Sh*t Works

Affirmations are fabulous. And writing out a longer vision of what it will feel like to be already living what you desire – even more powerful!

This is the vision I wrote recently as I was setting the intention for my upcoming online course:

“I love how effortlessly the brilliant content for the entire course flowed through me! I was born for this! I can feel how powerful this course is for those that want to live a life of greater ease, inspiration, abundance and clarity!


I know, know, know with all that I am that the practices I share are effective and powerful and I love seeing the participants soaring to greater heights then they’ve ever imagined possible! I love seeing hundreds of people awakening to their personal alignment!


I love seeing the thousands of dollars flowing into my PayPal account!!! There are so many wonderful adventures and creations that this money will fund!  I adore my life! How can it get even better???”

Now this vision gets me all worked up!

I have written out such visions for many years and always with incredible results.

Three years ago I was teaching a few yoga classes and I thought about taking coaching clients again, but honestly, I just wanted a part time-job where I clocked in and clocked out and where I didn’t have to run all aspects of the business. I had enough going on with 1-year-old twins at home!

So I wrote pages and pages of simple visions where I described how much I love my new part-time job, how lucrative it was and how effortlessly it came to me.

Here is an example of what I wrote in my journal on 11/22/11:

Life vision and intention in detail helped find alignment

I was already living in the house that I mention in the first line (how I manifested a perfect home for 1/2 of the price of all other such houses in the area is a whole other phenomenal visioning story!).

But the rest was only an intention at the time I wrote it; it wasn’t something I was already experiencing.

Not even a month after this journal entry, a friend connected me with a non-profit looking for a part-time project manager. I wrote one cover letter during my entire ‘job search’, sent in my resume and two weeks later I had the job!

The job paid about $30/hr which was awesome for a part-time gig, and I really did manifest the best co-workers who were super understanding and supportive of my schedule and priorities.

And the best part? I knew that I deliberately attracted this job!

I could give you countless other examples of how I manifested through written visioning (meeting and marrying my husband, our twin homebirths, owning a luxury car, etc.). The more you practice scripting, the more you’ll be inspired to write grander and juicier visions.  And believe that they are possible!

The point is, this sh*t works!  Try these exercises and see for yourself.

Alignment Toolbox Exercise #1 – Mini-Scripting

I recommend this exercise as a way to set the intention for the day.  It’s something that I personally practice almost every day.

  • Sit down in the morning with your favorite journal
  • Take a few deep breaths and breathe ease into your body
  • Begin writing “I am…” statements in your journal.  For example:  “I am kind” or “I am eager for the magic of the day to surprise and delight me”
  • You can also try “I love feeling…” statements.  For example: “I love feeling free and care-free”,  “I love feeling radiantly healthy and strong” or “I love feeling like I am a magnet, attracting the most perfect participant for my online course”
  • Write as many statements as feels good. At the end, I like to close with: “And so it is, or something even better!”

Alignment Toolbox Exercise #2 – Scripting Your Ideal Day

I first learned about scripting from the book Ask And it is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks (Process #9). I’ve modified it over the years to best suit me and here is my favorite exercise.

  • After a centering, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: “What does the most ideal day I can imagine look and feel like?”
  • Write visceral, juicy, emotional description.  Instead of , “I wake up in a hotel in the Caribbean,” write “I love waking up in one of the most beautiful islands on this entire planet with a view of the stunning ocean – pinch me!”
  • Go in as much detail about where you are, what you look like, who you’re with, what you do… but keep focusing on how all of those ways of experiencing life make you feel.
  • At the end of the vision, try writing a note from your future self to your now-self, such as: “Wow, I love knowing that the whole journey from where I was years ago to where I am now has been so enjoyable!”  This will remind you to bask in and appreciate each step of the journey as its own arrival.
  • You can read the vision daily or weekly. Or you can script a new vision every time you’re inspired, even if it’s similar to the one you recently wrote.  I love to write the visions in my journal so I can scroll back and read them frequently!

You will learn how to finesse your visioning practices over time, but the important part is to begin now and to create the juiciest, hottest visions you can imagine. Seriously, if you’re serious about stepping into your dreams, don’t just bookmark these exercises – do them now! You’ll thank me later. 🙂

Your Turn

Tell me: Have you done much written visioning? If yes, what fabulous manifestation have you attracted through scripting?  If not, then now is a great time to start with the suggestions above!

And if you feel inspired, please share your vision in the comments below so that all of life (including me) can support you in its realization!

I can’t wait to read your visions!!! Now, time for me to go script about how powerful this post will be for all whose lives it enters. 😉

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