Are you a visual or an auditory learner?

Many people have a hard time with visualization because they ‘see’ in words and sounds, and not images.

And whatever your learning style, saying something out loud instantly amplifies and magnifies the impact. Practicing spoken visioning has completely transformed my life.

You can vision-speak to yourself, with a partner or with a group. Each one has its benefits.

Start to practice on your own and then work into practicing with others. You can form an alignment buddy relationship or a visioning group.

And if you join the Master Your Life Academy, I will walk you step by step through all of the modes of visioning, help you develop a habit of living life as a deliberate creator and show you how to work with an alignment buddy to support each other throughout the week!

Now let’s dive in to learn how to talk your way into your vision.

Ways to Practice Spoken Visioning


1. General Rampage of Appreciation

Rampage of appreciation is an Abraham-Hicks term that means speaking phrases that are sequentially feeling more joyous, uplifting and inspiring.

Do this when you are already feeling amazing. This way you are fatiguing your muscles of gratitude to the max and getting stronger in your ability to stay in appreciation for longer periods of time.

Exercise #1:

  • When you are feeling good in your life, name the best feeling thought. You can say it out loud to yourself or call a friend (or alignment buddy  from your MasterMind group).
  • Notice and describe how your body feels.
  • Then scan your memory again for an even more satisfying thought. And then another one.
  • Keep going up the emotional scale, getting higher and higher, until you can’t think of anything else to say!
  • Sample General Rampage: “I love cuddling with my kids… They fill my heart with so much joy… I can hardly breathe when I focus on how much I adore them! They remind me that life is meant to be fun and easy… I love how lost we get in playing together…. I love how exhilarated I feel after laughing with my whole body, completely blessed out in each other’s company! I have so many interactions in my life to feel this flowing, this fun and this life-giving! I love my life! I love myself!  Yes, yes, yes!!!!”

Rampaging in appreciation is such an exhilarating experience! It’s like mental kung-fu training to shift your mindset.


2. Specific Rampage of Appreciation

Most people let the circumstances in their life determine how they feel. If someone is nice to them, they feel good. If someone is mean, they feel bad.

Step out of the cycle of being ping-ponged around by things seemingly out of your control – practice setting a deliberate intention on how you want to feel.

Focus on a feeling, such as confidence or abundance, and begin searching for the most potent ways of describing this feeling.  In essence, paint a picture of the embodied experience with words.

Exercise #2:

  • Choose on what you want to feel. If you are feeling anxious, you want to feel relaxed. If you are feeling lost and scared, you want to feel clear and empowered.
  • Once you select a feeling, remember the last time you felt this way.
  • Then begin finding words to describe what that feeling felt like in your body, viscerally and energetically.
  • Describe what were the best parts of that feeling, and why you want to feel that way again.
  • Close your eyes, remember, feel into your body and into the memory.
  • The more specific words and expressions you find to describe the feeling, the stronger you will feel the desired core feeling.
  • And in 3 minutes, even though NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN YOUR LIFE, you will feel completely different. Now that’s powerful!

It takes some practice to gain fluidity in speaking this way, so don’t worry if at first you notice big pauses in between sentences or if you can’t think of anything to say.

Eventually thoughts and words will flow easily to you, and the experience of stepping into the desired feeling and describing it will feel truly vorgasmic!


3. The Future You

This exercise is simple, but incredibly powerful.

Exercise #3:

  • Agree to speak to a partner or group as if it is 1, 3 or 5 years from now.
  • Show up at the future version of yourself and think, talk and gesture like the ideal version of you.
  • Reflect on the last x years by saying: “Remember when we first started practicing visioning, and now how many truly miraculous things have happened since then….. (go on to list all the amazing things that you’d like to have happen in the next x years).
  • Let yourself dream BIG. This is all a game, so why not go fantastical? As long as it feels exhilarating, fun and frisky, dream up anything your little heart desires!

This exercise is easier to do with a partner or in a group where everyone is on the same page (and won’t think you’re crazy!).

This is why my MasterMind Groups are so powerful! And I cannot tell you how fucking amazing (yes, I have to swear, it’s that amazing!) it is to then manifest the things that you were fantasizing about.

I imagined, and verbally fantasized about a home birth with my twins, and manifested a vision-quest-of-a-birth with my kids born 33 hours apart!

That’s when I really knew all these visioning techniques and exercises worked and I had to share them with the world!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Have you tried any of these forms of spoken visioning?

I can’t wait to hear how you feel after you try some (or all) of these powerful manifestational practices!


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